The eyes have it: Here are 10 of our dealers’ most popular blog posts of 2017

Dealers like visuals.

If there ever was proof of this, it would be the Santander Consumer USA dealer blog, Inside Lane.

Nine of the top 10 destinations for visitors to the Inside Lane blog in 2017 feature infographics, video or graphic-like list.

The results might give dealers some idea of what their competitors are thinking about going into 2018.

110717 IL Personal touch important, even though car shoppers want digital optionsHere’s where to find the top-10 blogs and a little about each:

  1. Inside Lane homepage (frequently features an infographic) – The home page recently featured an infographic “Happy Holidays | 15 ways to light up more deals in December and beyond,” which you can find here. While holiday-themed, the information is evergreen.
  1. Launching pad for success … (infographic) which features “The Right Stuff | Six reminders to make this your best sales season yet!” that applies any time of the year.
  1. Top five uses of the Dealer Extranet (video) provides information on one of the most powerful tools in a dealer’s arsenal when working with Santander Consumer USA (SC).
  1. Eureka! The refunds are coming (infographic) – This was last year’s featured infographic about the 2017 tax season and “How Santander Consumer USA can help you mine the mother lode.” The information it provides still may be useful for tax season 2018.
  1. SC Dealer Advocacy group looks for win-win solutions describes the mission and customer-focus of the support group and what that means to dealerships – someone in their corner.
  1. Play it smart, dealers (infographic) – This is a golden oldie, and still is relevant, though posted in February 2016. The graphic suggests “8 ways to reduce fees on your deals” with SC.
  1. When you want to drive business (infographic) takes a look at the revamped RoadLoans lead-exchange program that rolled out last year and how it could affect your business.
  1. These two words have the power to remake your business (top-10 list) and Putting the power of the extranet to work for your dealership – More useful information about the SC Dealer Extranet, including “10 tips for using the Extranet” featured in our fall dealer-email campaign.
  1. When you want to boost results (infographic) offers a glimpse of SC’s Targeted Direct Mail Program with features that drive potential customers to your store.
  1. Dig for tax-season gold by harnessing the power of the Rehash Tool (video) is as timely now entering tax season as it was in January 2017 by offering dealers the “opportunity to boost their results during tax rush by digging for the right nuggets to make a deal.”

Of course, if there is ever a question about how SC can help you build your business in 2018, the best place to start is with your area sales manager or by contacting our sales department.

They are purpose-driven to support our dealer customers.

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