Adding up the reasons Santander Consumer will be good for your business in 2018

We will be “purpose driven.”

So said a Santander Consumer USA (SC) senior vice president of sales looking at 2018.

That means SC is doing everything possible to boost your results, which includes refreshing, even revamping, our programs to ensure that dealers who work with us see the difference.

We want your store’s business and will work harder than ever to earn it this year.

011118 IL Adding up the reasons Santander Consumer will be good for your business in 2018That includes better pricing across the credit spectrum with our new scorecard, and being “proactive to market conditions and the ever-growing needs of our dealer partners.”

Other program highlights are:

  • Fewer stips making it easier to submit more packages to SC.
  • Greater flexibility on financing terms.
  • More-efficient funding
  • Increased participation.
  • Higher LTV/PTI allowances with higher FICOs.
  • The opportunity for more backend in some tiers.
  • Decreasing fees on better-quality packages in most cases.

The program also includes access 24/7 to our Dealer Extranet and powerful Rehash Tool, and the opportunity to participate in SC’s direct mail program and revamped RoadLoans program.

And our sales team is empowered to work with dealers to make things happen.

Another executive called the approach “focused aggression,” with the aim of helping you build your business, because now more than ever, with new-vehicle sales plateauing and putting greater emphasis on used-vehicle sales, what’s good for our dealers is good for Santander Consumer USA.

“We’re lightening the load on our dealers,” said the sales VP. “If we don’t need it, we won’t ask. But when we ask, there’s a purpose.”

Our team of area sales managers (and regional sales managers) are knowledgeable auto-lending professionals who can help you navigate the process of securing more deals with SC across the credit spectrum, whether that involves assisting with setting up an account on the Dealer Extranet, explaining various other programs we provide or keeping an application on track with a buyer.

If you’re not getting the results you want, just ask your ASM how we can help accelerate your business. All we want is a chance to compete for more loan packages.

“Purpose driven” is especially relevant to your business when that purpose is you.

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