Santander is all about giving dealers a funding option in 2018

Our sales team has set ambitious goals for 2018.

And that means more opportunity this year for our dealer partners to get deals funded for both new- and used-vehicle customers.

But the reason goes beyond refreshing or revamping programs, which we also have done.

More than 150 Santander Consumer USA (SC) area sales managers (ASMs), inside sales managers (ISMs) and regional sales managers (RSMs) – your main connections to SC – are prepared to tell you clearly and simply why you should work with us in 2018.

012318 IL Santander is all about giving dealers a funding option in 2018The message they will deliver?

“We simply offer an option to our dealers that they may be missing out on if they didn’t submit their apps to us,” said one presenter at SC’s national sales meeting earlier this month in Fort Worth, TX. “We’re providing another opportunity to make more deals happen.”


Adding up the reasons Santander Consumer will be good for your business in 2018

Of course, we know that, ultimately, the job is about making sales numbers – yours and ours – monthly, quarterly, annually, whatever market conditions are in 2018.

That’s why we want to provide your dealership with another funding option.

Even if you don’t choose Santander Consumer USA for a particular deal, at least you have that choice.

And we’re confident that you will choose to work with us often because you’ll decide that we have the best deal overall for you and your customer because of our revamped program.

“SC offers a program that covers about 80 percent of the population who wish to purchase a vehicle,” the presenter said. “We give our dealers access to our program without interference to make the best decision about where their business should go based on the best call they receive.”

Santander Consumer USA believes your dealership should have as many options as possible to find the best deal for your customers, and that our full-spectrum program will enable you to fund enough deals to make it worth your while to submit most of your applications to us.

Sure, our sales team also will tell you how our programs have become more competitive – including better pricing, fewer stips, greater flexibility on terms, more-efficient funding, increased participation – which you can see for yourself in a previous blog post.

But it’s the why that will make the difference – the option, your option. It’s why thousands of dealers nationally already see the opportunity of including SC among their lenders.

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