We’re shining a bright light on dealerships: Will yours be one of them?

Spot on!

That’s what dealerships must be to thrive in today’s automotive sales environment.

Spot on in sales.

Spot on in service.

Spot on in messaging.

SpotOnGIF_600px (1)

Spot on in everything!

It’s no surprise that some dealerships thrive more than others.

Our series “Spot on!” will shine a bright light on dealerships across the country by profiling some that excel in an important aspect of the business, according to members of the Santander Consumer USA sales team who work with them every day – about 160 area, regional and inside sales managers.

Yes, we’re going to name names – and regularly publish profiles and photos on our dealer blog, Inside Lane, starting in about a week and continuing indefinitely.

A recent informal survey of dealerships found an interest in reading about what other dealers do well. Our sales team thought that seemed like a pretty good idea.

This is one way we hope to satisfy that interest among the dealers who do business with us.

“People are already pumped about this,” said one area sales manager in the Northwest region. “I think that this is going to be a very positive addition to our relationships with dealers.”

We hope dealers will be pumped, too.

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