Car Pros Kia

2220 Recreation Road

Carson, CA


Dealer principal: Juan Alarcon

General manager: Delilah Kohan

Brands represented: Kia

How long in business: 12 years

No. of employees: 450

Annual unit volume (approximate): 9,000

SC Area Sales Manager: Elsa Castro

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What makes Car Pros Kia special:

We are process driven.  Our motto is, employee satisfaction equals customer satisfaction. Our leadership believes in exceptional customer service. We do it because we choose. This positive attitude has propelled us to the next level. The processes implemented are executed daily. We thrive on our “Hassle-free return policy.” Our daily goal is to make every customer leave our store happy about their car-buying experience.

ASM Elsa Castro’s comment on what makes dealership special:

The word “process” is key in this dealer. Every last person is aware of the importance of following the process and trust it works. This is a true testament to the dealer’s success. Car Pros Kia strives to maintain a solid business relationship with Santander Consumer USA (SC). They understand the importance of sending SC a balanced, performing portfolio because they care.

How long has dealership worked with Santander Consumer USA:

We have had been doing business with SC since we opened 12 years ago.

What do you like about doing business with Santander Consumer USA:

Our rep Elsa Castro has been a part of our streamlined process. She has worked with all key people to help us put more car deals together. The Dealer Extranet is a vital component to accommodate our late hours of operation. SC’s funding associates are always willing to help, allowing us to have our deals funded within 24 hours.

The best practice that contributes to your dealership’s success:

Following the process.

Please describe your experience with SC:

Car Pros Kia attributes part of its monthly success to Santander Consumer USA. Because of the flexible program, we are able to sell more new and used cars. We look forward to continuing to work together and share success as partners.


– Tony Avedisian, Used Car Director



Tony Avedisian, left, used car director, and Steve Shaban, finance manager, of Car Pros Kia.

Tony Avedisian, left, used car director, and Steve Shaban, finance manager, of Car Pros Kia.

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