Sands Chevrolet

16991 W. Waddell Road

Surprise, AZ


Dealer principal: Jerry Moore and Chad Helmer

General manager: Chad Helmer

Brands represented: Chevrolet

How long in business: This location has been in business seven years, Sands Chevrolet, 84 years.

No. of employees: 300

Annual unit volume (approximate): 4,000

SC Area Sales Manager: Thomas Mann

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What makes Sands Chevrolet special:

The people and the processes make our dealership special

ASM Thomas Mann’s comment on what makes dealership special:

Everywhere you go at the dealership, someone is willing to help, from the front desk to the back offices.  They are very focused on looking forward and not back.

What do you like about doing business with Santander Consumer USA:

Using the Extranet. This is a phenomenal tool that not only allows you the ability to rehash deals but also speeds up the funding process by utilizing the upload feature. Our ASM is great asset, as well, because he has the ability to help us solve some of the more complicated issues that arise – helps to problem-solve and escalate issues to the appropriate party for a quick resolution.

For example:

We recently had an issue with deal that had been held in funding. Apparently the vehicle had been reported as frame damaged. Upon further review and sending the vehicle through our frame shop, we were able to say confidently that this vehicle was not frame damaged.

We tried to clear it through [the vehicle-history report company], but it quickly became apparent they were not going to be very helpful or concerned about the time constraint we faced. Shared the information with our ASM, who routed it to the SC Dealer Advocacy team, which contacted me promptly. Upon review of the information I shared with them, the deal was funded before the end of the day.

What originally looked like a real headache turned out to be another great example of why we do business with Santander Consumer USA.

One best practice that contributes to your dealership’s success:

A final look over every deal, just a quick look over all of the documents to ensure the “t’s” are crossed and the “i’s” are dotted.


– Howard Forman, Finance Director



Jerry Moore, dealer principal, left, with Howard Forman, finance director, at Sands Chevrolet.

Jerry Moore, dealer principal, left, with Howard Forman, finance director, at Sands Chevrolet.

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