Sport Chevrolet

3101 Automobile Blvd.

Silver Spring, MD


Dealer principal: Robert Fogarty

General manager: Gibbs Fogarty

Brands represented: Chevrolet

How long in business: 50 years

No. of employees: 108

Annual unit volume (approximate): 2,200

SC Dealer Relationship Manager: Lauren Gallart Bacon

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What makes Sport Chevrolet special:

The family atmosphere, the tenure of our employees, and the owners can always be found here.

DRM Lauren Gallart Bacon’s comment on what makes dealership special:

This dealership is family run and owned. If a customer emails a concern, the owner or GM contacts them almost immediately. The customer service and atmosphere is amazing when you walk into the dealership. They support Santander with all of our programs. They are a current RL dealership, they also did a Direct Mail drop last year and they send 100% of their applications to Santander.

How long has the dealership worked with Santander Consumer USA:

We have been a Santander dealer partner since before it was Santander!

What do you like about doing business with Santander Consumer USA:

We like the ability to do loans for the full credit spectrum. The Extranet makes working deals so much faster and more efficient than having to call buyers at other banks. The Extranet also provides the ability to get deals funded faster by uploading any additional information or stips quickly and easily.

One best practice that contributes to your dealership’s success:

Using the Extranet to structure and maximize every Santander deals profit potential.

Please describe your experience with SC:

We just signed up for RoadLoans and in the first three days set three out of five appointments. We delivered the second lead we received with a $4,279 profit. Every lead we’ve received has responded to our initial contact and wants to buy. Our rep was persistent since I arrived here six months ago, telling us how good the RoadLoans leads are and how she believed the program would benefit our store. She was correct, and we couldn’t be happier that we finally took her advice.

– Kyle Bacon, General Sales Manager


GSM Kyle Bacon and Sport Chevrolet are sold on Santander Consumer USA.

GSM Kyle Bacon and Sport Chevrolet are sold on Santander Consumer USA.

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