Are you committed to making the most of your sales opportunities?


It’s what you demonstrate every day at the dealership, whether it’s in your showroom, F&I, service area, the back office or any of the thousand-and-one other aspects of your business.

Because success is all about the commitment you make to taking care of details – and your customers. Far be it from you to miss something that might mean more sales and thousands of dollars in revenue.

Or is that exactly what you’re doing every day?

Road Ahead V1

It is if you’re not exploring all options for financing your customer’s vehicle purchase.

But far be it from Santander Consumer USA (SC) to suggest you give us higher consideration as a preferred, reliable (and valuable) lender for your dealership if we couldn’t back it up.

“I have had the pleasure of dealing with Santander since Teddy Nissan opened the doors,” wrote Julio Batista, general manager of the Bronx, NY, dealership, which began operating nearly a decade ago. “Santander has been a valued partner helping Teddy Nissan grow into one of the most successful Nissan dealerships in the United States.”

Helping your business

There are several reasons SC makes a good partner for dealers such as Teddy Nissan – many of which will be featured in upcoming installments of The Road Ahead in our dealer emails.

But two especially important reasons were highlighted by another dealership sales executive.

“We like the ability to do loans for the full credit spectrum,” wrote Kyle Bacon, general sales manager of Sport Chevrolet in Silver Spring, MD. “[And] the Extranet makes working deals so much faster and more efficient than having to call buyers at other banks. The Extranet also provides the ability to get deals funded faster by uploading any additional information or stips quickly and easily.”

Full-spectrum financing

That’s right, SC isn’t just for subprime deals anymore.

“We are happy and comfortable working with Santander Consumer USA from an approval on almost any customer out there to an easy funding process and access to our rep with the click of a button,” wrote Dave Ivnitsky, finance manager of Kings Nissan in Brooklyn, NY.

“I’ve been taking advantage of Santander Consumer USA’s programs for several years now,” wrote Jack Geier, special finance director for Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford in Lewisville, TX. “I believe SC is a [lender] that I can trust. I’ve watched other lenders come and go, sometimes leaving dealers with contracts hanging, while Santander has remained strong.”

Sweating out the details

Of course, as detail-oriented as you are about your business, SC expects you to have questions. And that’s where our professional, knowledgeable Dealer Relationship Managers come in.

From questions about SC programs to help with your deals, DRMs are part of your SC advantage.

“Our DRM is a great asset,” said Howard Forman, finance director at Sands Chevrolet of Surprise, AZ, “because he has the ability to help us solve some of the more complicated issues that arise – helps to problem-solve and escalate issues to the appropriate party for quick resolution.”

Chances are you won’t have to go looking for your DRM – the DRM probably will find you. But if you don’t hear from us soon, you may contact SC online for quick attention.

How’s that for commitment to your business.

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