East Coast Toyota

85 State RT 17,
Wood Ridge, NJ

Dealer principal:  John Ripoli

General manager: Jeff Brown

Brand represented: Toyota

How long in business: 25+ years

Number of employees: 120

Annual unit volume (approximate): 4,800+

What makes your dealership special:

The culture of our store makes it special. Our employees, in particular, contribute to the success of our dealership month in and month out. We take pride in providing excellent service to every customer that walks into our showroom. This creates a great customer experience and returns positive results.

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DRM Joe Carpentieri’s comment on what makes dealership special:

This is a fantastic store to be the rep for. They have a solid group of team players that know how to structure their deals and send in clean funding packages. They make my job as a DRM easy. The employees rarely leave, specifically the finance team, which has been in place for a few years now. That says a lot to me when I see the finance team at a store stay together for a long stretch of time with little to no turnover. The guys are very welcoming every time I come in and are always very positive.

How long working with Santander Consumer USA: 10+ years

What you like about doing business with Santander Consumer USA:  

It’s easy to do business with Santander. The speed of the callbacks coupled with the user-friendly Extranet allow us to work our deals in real time and get the best deal possible for our dealership and the customer. Funding is always a smooth process from start to finish, and we continue to send more business because of that. The credit buyers are always helpful and our DRM is available whenever we need him.

One best practice that contributes to your dealership’s success:

Working together as a team brings about positive results.

Describe your experience with Santander Consumer USA:

Overall our experience with Santander has been very positive and VERY profitable. The ease of doing business with Santander allows us to consistently send more business their way and put more and more cars on the road! The call backs are always solid, and we typically have a way to go!

– Juan Higuita, Finance Director

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