High-powered, hurry-up offense features broad-spectrum lending play

The fourth quarter has arrived, and you’re still in the game.

But great teams finish strong.

With the holidays still ahead, your team has a big fourth-quarter opportunity to win in 2018 with an offensive strategy that will keep you on target.

Santander Consumer USA (SC), as an important part of your team, will bring every option to the game, including a hurry-up offense featuring broad-spectrum lending and aimed at achieving your sales goals before the final whistle blows.

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Although best-known as a subprime lender, SC has incorporated near prime into its offensive playbook. That should help put points on the scoreboard with more financing options for your customers.

“Santander has definitely widened its customer base in the past few months,” said Carlos Pedre of AutoNation Chevrolet Doral in Florida. “Definitely a much larger credit spectrum lender now. Long gone are the days when we looked at Santander only for the subprime customers.”

You call the plays, but it’s up to us to be key players in making it happen.

Here are the X’s and O’s for the hurry-up:

  • More financing options increasing your chances of scoring.
  • A pricing strategy calibrated to a dealer-favorable call.
  • Lower price and discount fee and a fresh approach to credit underwriting.
  • Flexibility on financing terms and increased dealer participation.
  • Most application responses received within seconds of submission reducing wait times.

“We are pleased to see great interest rates and exceptional customer service offered by SC to our customers with an A-plus credit rating, fast approval and funding process,” added Birol Karan, dealer principal at South Miami Mitsubishi. “We are lucky to have a business partner that accommodates not only the sub-prime but also the prime lending as well.”

Of course, luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

“Santander is in it for the long haul,” said Elizabeth Guichardo, SC Dealer Relationship Manager in Miami, FL. “We are here as a full-spectrum lender to help our dealer partners finance all of their customers’ needs. By giving us an opportunity on every click, my dealers are seeing that numbers don’t lie and are sending us prime deals as well.”

“Our job is to help our dealers get their deals funded,” said one SC regional sales manager recently. “Putting more cars on the road is what we’re there for.”

“We simply offer an option to our dealers that they may be missing out on if they didn’t submit their apps to us,” said another SC player. “We’re providing another opportunity to make more deals happen.”

Even if you don’t choose SC for a particular play, at least you have that choice.

Leaving us on the sideline is not a good call.

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