Paul Clark Volkswagen

122 Liberty St.

Brockton, MA

Dealer principal: Paul Clark

General manager: Michael Girard

Brand represented: Volkswagen

How long in business: 72 years (third generation)

No. of employees: 25

Annual unit volume (approximate): 500

SC Dealer Relationship Manager: Joshua Busa

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DRM comment on what makes dealership special:

Paul Clark VW is a family-owned and run dealer that promotes an atmosphere of acceptance and help for all applicants across the spectrum. Customers are treated as equally important here no matter what their situation may be.

Mr. Clark has allowed his finance director, Michael Tishman, to work with the banks that he feels fit his customers’ needs best, and Santander Consumer has taken the role as his No. 1 non-prime bank.

Michael has taken the time to learn our program in and out and, as such, has consistently pieced deals together with us week after week despite the Volkswagen brand not being one of more high-volume vehicle lines. As a DRM, I always feel welcome at this store, and consider my visits there productive and valuable on both a personal and professional level.

How long working with Santander Consumer USA: Six years

What do you like about doing business with Santander Consumer USA:

We at Paul Clark Volkswagen enjoy the speed and efficiency that Santander Consumer USA operates at every day. Everyone we speak to is knowledgeable and hard working. Because of the professionalism of Santander Consumer USA our deals close the first time, and that helps with our cash flow and increases our ability to grow our business. Santander Consumer USA is our best bank – bar none!

One best practice that contributes to your dealership’s success:

One best practice that contributes to our success is [Santander Consumer USA’s] rehash tool. The rehash tool allows us to “discuss” deals without the typical phone calls and “phone tag” delays. We can make adjustments and get qualified customers into vehicles more efficiently.

Describe your experience with Santander Consumer USA:

We would like to spotlight your RoadLoans program. RoadLoans provides to us additional qualified approvals that we never would have received through our traditional resources. These extra deals can make a mediocre month into a good month.

We enjoy our relationship with Santander Consumer USA. From Joshua Busa, our Dealer Relationship Manager, to everyone that gets our deals approved and funded, we truly feel like partners. Thank you!

– Michael Tishman, Finance Director

Paul Clark, President

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