Why you should use direct mail NOW for tax season results

Santander Consumer USA’s Preapproved Direct Mail Program is the gift that keeps on giving.

And isn’t that just what you want to hear as you look at the sales landscape beyond the holidays that is dominated by tax season and the opportunities it offers?

While the months of January and February typically generate the weakest sales of the year, they also serve as a lead-in to March, which has been one of the top three sales months in eight of the last nine years and generated the most monthly sales so far in 2018.

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It’s a good time to connect with prospective buyers – many of whom may be anticipating a tax refund – whether that’s for an immediate purchase or the March tax rush.

Mailers may generate results for up to 90 days, based on results from more than 1,000 direct mail campaigns, which means March for January mailers and April for February mailers.

But you can’t wait until January to decide: The deadline for our January mailer is Friday, Dec. 7 – a little more than a week from now – while the deadline for the February mailer is Friday, Jan. 4, and for the March mailer is Friday, Feb. 1.

Here are a few things you need to know to make your decision:


  • The Santander Consumer USA Preapproved Direct Mail Program is designed to drive quality, preapproved consumers to you dealership.
  • It targets consumers with established payment histories at key points in the ownership cycle.
  • Recipients are reviewed based on our lending guidelines and receive personalized letters.
  • Consumers can access offers by phone or online via personal webpage. Leads are then funneled to your CRM and email addresses.


  • The mailers generate significantly higher response rate by highlighting easy ways recipients can find the amount of preapproved financing.
  • They include a convenient QR code so recipients can use their phones to scan for preapproval.
  • Mailers grab attention better with “preapproved certificate” at the top of the letter.
  • They promote your dealership specifically throughout the letter.
  • Recipients are pushed online where detailed financing offer and dealership information is provided.


  • Make sure everyone at the dealership knows a direct mailer is going out.
  • Follow up all leads via phone, email, postcards, etc., to maximize ROI.
  • Put your prospect in the right car for their lifestyle and finances!
  • It’s OK to push for results, but don’t think of this as a “weekend barn burner.” You should continue to see results into 2019 and tax season.

Watch for emails from Santander Consumer USA that provide additional details about the program, including pricing for a range of campaign packages.

Or contact your DRM, call program headquarters at 844.596.5575, or email santandersupport@rrd.com.

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