You need the right game plan to score big this tax season

Tax season.

It’s like your bowl game after a successful 2018.

Most people equate taxes with the April filing deadline, but auto dealers like you know better.

A high proportion of tax refunds will have gotten to taxpayers by February or March, and those early filers tend to receive the largest checks.

That typically makes March one of the top three sales months of the year.

110618 IL Running the option is a smart way to score more customers

In fact, March is the top month of 2018, pending results for December, with nearly 1.7 million units sold. Almost 9 percent of 2017 sales occurred in March, the month before tax season ended!

That also means January is one of the most important months of the year, because that’s when dealerships need to game plan for the tax rush coming our way in February and March. It may be especially important this year, with industry analysts expecting sales to slip.

There’s a lot to be said for featuring the playbook that helped you to a winning 2018 season:

A high-powered, hurry-up offense to move the ball down the field (Santander Consumer program)

Running the option that provides a competitive advantage (Dealer Extranet and Rehash Tool)

Making the most of fourth-quarter trips to the red zone (Dealer Relationship Manager)

A wrinkle in your offense to throw competitors off balance (Direct Mail)

The X’s and O’s of the hurry-up offer a glimpse into what Santander Consumer USA brings to the game:

  • More financing options increasing your chances of scoring.
  • A pricing strategy calibrated to a dealer-favorable call.
  • Lower price and discount fee and a fresh approach to credit underwriting.
  • Flexibility on financing terms and increase dealer participation.
  • Most application responses received within seconds of submission reducing wait times.

“Long gone are the days when we looked at Santander only for the subprime customers,” said Carlos Pedre of AutoNation Chevrolet Doral in Florida. “Definitely a much larger credit spectrum lender now.”

“Santander Consumer USA has been a consistent lender – we count on them month in and month out,” said a finance manager at Greenwood Hubbard Chevrolet in Hubbard, OH. “Santander gives us an opportunity with almost any customer that walks through the door.”

That means you can count on SC to help you achieve results that show up on the tax-season scoreboard.

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