The RoadLoans advantage: Connecting your dealership with motivated buyers

RoadLoans is all about helping dealers maximize sales opportunities.

From the online dealer Lead Exchange Program to the direct-to-consumer lending program, RoadLoans’ mission is to connect dealers with motivated buyers.

The Lead Exchange Program (see infographic below) provides your dealership the opportunity to bid for approved-customer leads that are 100 percent exclusive to your business, giving you the opportunity to get more ready-to-buy shoppers through your doors each month.

No subscription is required to participate in the RoadLoans Lead Exchange Program – your dealership can turn it on and off at your discretion.

Through the direct-lending program, RoadLoans – and parent Santander Consumer USA (SC) – provides full-spectrum lending with competitive rates for qualified buyers: The typical RoadLoans approval has an average FICO of 577, income of $61,000 and is approved for financing up to $18,000.

RoadLoans also recommends to approved customers a qualified dealer in their area, and the dealer immediately receives an email notifying them of the approval and providing contact information. Direct-lending customers, however, are not required to take their voucher to the recommended dealership, so dealers should be sure to work their leads promptly.

For more details on RoadLoans programs and maximize your results through the busy tax season, contact your SC Dealer Relationship Manager.

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