When was the last time that shoppers beat a path to your showroom?

It’s all in the numbers.

The Preapproved Direct Mail Program from Santander Consumer USA is making an impact for participating dealers across the country.

Results include a higher-than-average response rate, strong incremental sales and outstanding ROI.

“My store runs a 6,000 Santander direct mail piece every 30 to 60 days,” Jeff Belsky of Benson Hyundai in Spartanburg, SC, said recently. “Lead generation has been through the roof, with unprecedented numbers of leads and prospects increasing with each run.”

“The mailer was extremely successful and profitable for the store,” said Timmy Dickinson of Lia Hyundai in Enfield, CT. “It generated 63 leads, which resulted in 38 shows, 14 sold and a profit of around $30,000. It was our best used car month in a long time!”

The direct mailer is not a “weekend barn burner,” because leads will continue to come into your store for up to 90 days after the mailer drops.

There’s a lot to consider, including additional results, so we created the following infographic to help:


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