SC Dealer Advocacy team looks for win-win solutions

Supporting your team.

That is what Santander Consumer USA’s Dealer Advocacy group is all about.

With all of the information and paperwork flowing back and forth between Santander Consumer and as many as 15,000 franchise dealerships, the number of auto-finance deals executed smoothly could be viewed as something of a miracle.

But once and a while it’s possible for an especially difficult problem to arise.

At Santander Consumer USA (SC), we know problems can occur, so our Dealer Advocacy group is central part of making sure that our dealers get the help they need when issues are uncovered.

The Santander Consumer Dealer Advocacy group, which is composed of 10 people, has nearly 200 years of combined experience in the auto finance industry. “The group leverages that experience along with superior customer service and de-escalation skills to assist our dealer partners with resolutions to their concerns,” according to one team member.

“Dealer Advocacy is a one-stop resource for OEM relationships to help dealership personnel with a single point of contact inside corporate offices that can research, provide guidance or explain company processes within the loan life cycle,” said Jim Taylor, an SC senior director.

“The Santander Consumer Dealer Advocacy team can use interdepartmental contacts within the entire organization to handle most issues that impact the OEM dealer,” he said. Those internal contacts include Accounting, Dealer Operations, Funding Support, Titles, Credit, Customer Service, Sales, Dealer Maintenance, Funding and Office of the President.

Getting the support you need

Of course, the first step to issue resolution is through a Dealer Relationship Manager (DRM), but it isn’t necessary for a dealership to go through their DRM to contact Dealer Advocacy.

“Dealer Relationship Managers are the go-to resource to help with most dealer matters,” the SC website explains. “However, our Dealer Advocacy group makes sure our dealers get the support they need to resolve the most difficult issues by looking for win-win solutions.”

“We’re a collaborative support group for our dealers,” said another SC Associate. “We actively research concerns, issues, feedback and deliver a timely resolution to our dealer client.”

Dealerships can contact the Dealer Advocacy team through the website, via email at a dedicated mailbox,, or by phone at 866.577.8428 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday.

We’re with you on the front lines

“Dealer Advocacy is often on the front lines of issues affecting multiple dealers, such as dealers having system issues with our Extranet,” said Shari Armstrong, a senior specialist.

“When a dealer is transferred to Dealer Advocacy, we are able to listen, research, provide a single point of contact and deliver a follow-up resolution. Sometimes we just need to provide accurate direction to the correct department, but we don’t just transfer and drop [an issue]. We make sure the dealer gets to speak with a person in the department before we release the call.”

“If our normal businesses process, service or products are not meeting our dealers’ needs, Dealer Advocacy is on the case,” according to the team.

It’s our simple, personal and fair way of doing business with your dealership.

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