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Top five uses of the Dealer Extranet

Easy access to the right information is key when working to put deals together.

No surprise there. But what may surprise you is all the different ways the Santander Consumer USA Dealer Extranet can enhance your deal-making abilities.

Jennifer Carroll, General Sales Manager at Trophy Nissan, Mesquite, TX, an Extranet user.

Jennifer Carroll, General Sales Manager at Trophy Nissan, Mesquite, TX, an Extranet user.

The Extranet is the next best thing to having your buyer on the line. You have real-time access to information and systems that can get things done.  If logging in to the Dealer Extranet is not a part of your regular routine, you could be missing out.

Here are five of the top uses of the Dealer Extranet:

  1. Rehash applications with the Rehash Tool – If you need to update the numbers or revise the type of vehicle being purchased, plug your new info into the Rehash Tool and receive a new structure in real time.
  2. Track deals in Funding – The Extranet will allow you to check the status of your deals in Funding and see if you need any additional documentation to complete your deals.
  3. Upload stips – Speaking of additional documentation, uploading stips is a lot faster and easier with the Dealer Extranet. You bypass the hassle of faxing, and the stips go directly to the funder’s queue.
  4. Print a purchase letter – Get a breakdown of the total funded amount for your deal. The purchase letter shows all applicable fees, participation and discounts.
  5. Access the Dealer Resources section – The resources section is a one-stop area for important documents. Just about any document a dealer needs to do business with SAF can be found on the Extranet.

These are only a few of the benefits of the Dealer Extranet. There are many more ways to optimize your callbacks. Of course, we think the Extranet is great, but don’t take our word for it. Listen to what one dealer had to say about why the Dealer Extranet is such a great tool.

SC Dealer Advocacy group looks for win-win solutions

No one gets it right all the time. That’s especially true in auto finance.

With all of the information and paperwork going back and forth, the number of flawless deals executed is nothing short of a miracle. But every once and a while, something may fall through the cracks.

At Santander Consumer USA (SC), we know that mistakes happen. Our Dealer Advocacy group is central part of making sure that our dealers get the help they need when issues arise.

011717 IL SC dealer advocacy group looks for win-win solutions


The SC Dealer Advocacy team is our dedicated group of in-house liaisons who mediate on behalf our dealers.

SC Dealer Advocacy Manager Lou Americo says his group has one mission – to be a support system for our dealers.

“We’re a collaborative support group for our dealers,” says Americo. “We make it a point to actively research concerns, issues, feedback and deliver a timely resolution to our dealer client.”

Americo explains that the focus is customer service from Day 1.

Dealers are able to contact the Dealer Advocacy group directly, without having to take the extra step of going through their sales rep first.

Once feedback is received from the dealer, a Dealer Advocacy liaison reviews the information. It’s then routed to the proper department to analyze for process, document or system error.

From there, it’s determined where the error or oversight occurred.

SC sales team member Franklin La Rosa says that despite the outcome, dealers appreciate having someone in their corner.

“Dealers continually express their thanks when you reach out to them with solutions, good news or bad, but in a way that resonates a positive, polite and engaging tone,” said La Rosa.

If a problem is found on the SC side of a deal, it’s still considered a win, showing SC problems that need to be fixed to do what’s right for our dealer partners.

“The feedback collected by our group is unfiltered information and allows us to see things from the dealer perspective,” explains Americo. “We can examine it, access whether changes need to be made and accept responsibility and accountability for those changes.”

Our credit buyers are on your team

T. Together
E. Everyone
A. Achieves
M. More

Working together is key when it comes to boosting sales and meeting your goals.

That’s why Santander Consumer USA (SC) empowers its sales reps and buyers to give dealers that one-on-one attention needed to make deals work.

While our sales reps are our front-line team helping you build business, our buyers connect all of the pieces to deliver the deal. If an application needs adjusting to meet our customers’ needs or fine-tuned to get through the funding process, our credit buyers can work through the details.

We are all on the same team. Let our buyers help you go on the offensive and close more deals.


Learning the secret to fast funding with Santander Consumer USA

When it’s time to fund a deal, the last thing you want it to take is more time.

One of the more frequent consumer complaints about purchasing a vehicle is the time it takes to complete the process.

In this instance, time is not your friend.

Santander Consumer USA (SC) understands the importance of fast funding. A quick turnaround could mean the difference in keeping or losing a customer.

With other lenders, it could take up to a couple of days to fund your deal. Santander works to fund every deal within 24 hours. With a complete funding packet and all of the necessary paperwork, you could find yourself on the right side of time.

Here’s what you need to know about funding a deal quickly with Santander.

Need help? Your ASM is ready.

Some deals are easier to maneuver than others. You get the perfect buyer with good credit, and you have the perfect vehicle to meet their needs. Done deal!

But every once and while, there are the deals that need a little more man or woman power to make something happen.

Look no further! Santander Consumer USA’s team of area sales managers is on the job and ready to give our deals the push they need.

Sometimes, the challenge is in structuring the best deal. Other times, it can be providing the correct paperwork necessary for funding. Either way, your ASM is the person to call when roadblocks hinder the path to a closed sale.

Your ASM has the knowledge and the training to guide you through the hard deals. The right coaching can lead to faster funding, expand your earning potential, and make life a whole lot easier.

Go ahead … make the call.

Santander’s actions speak louder than words with dealers

Let’s talk.

In most relationships, those words strike fear in the heart.

But Santander Consumer USA wants to build the best relationships possible with our dealers, and we know the first step is an open line of communication.

Actions speak louder than words, right?

That’s why we’ve created several outlets to share important information about our products, promotions and services.

The Smart Dealer Logo 300x300Let’s start with the Santander Consumer USA website. It’s one of the main attractions, getting you to our Dealer Extranet. The Extranet is the place to check your deals, restructure using our Rehash Tool and upload any important documents. It also allows you to contact your funder directly with questions.

We also share information through our dealer email newsletters. The newsletters are sent out roughly once a month and direct you to various items on our dealer blog, the Inside Lane. Here, you’ll find relevant information, not only about Santander, but about boosting your business and about the auto industry, as well.

Our campaign, “InFront: A Better Business Model,” looks at some of the recent changes in the auto-lending, risk-and-regulatory landscape and how Santander can help you build customer loyalty despite the challenges. And “The Smart Dealer” focuses on better business practices that can help you build your business.

Are we doing all of the talking? We hope not. Several of our social media platforms allow you to engage with us and provide feedback.

Our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages highlight things like our “Embrace the Madness” NCAA tournament contest and the upcoming “Sizzling Summer 2” campaign. These channels give you the chance to have a little fun and get to know us better.

And, of course, if you prefer one-on-one contact, you can always reach out to your area sales manager (ASM). Our sales team is knowledgeable and can show dealers what works and what doesn’t when it comes to putting deals together. Your ASM is also an expert at navigating through challenges when deals don’t go as planned.

Santander Consumer USA wants to keep the conversation going. It’s one of the best ways to build relationships and build business for our dealers.

Maintaining a good dealer/lender relationship

It’s a competitive world out there – especially when it comes to selling vehicles.

With the evolving landscape of regulatory challenges in the auto-lending industry, things are changing quickly. That’s why a good business relationship with your auto lender is so important.

Santander Consumer USA wants to help build that relationship to assist in guiding dealers through this rocky terrain.

Through our sales force, we are ready to help create a better business for you and your customers by helping you implement better business practices that keep you ahead of the curve on any regulatory and compliance challenges.

But it’s a team effort, and we have some direction that can put us on the right path for a brighter future.


SAF provides the right answer for credit-challenged customers

Dealer principal Clay Cooley of Clay Cooley Auto Group on the importance of working with a lender such as Santander Auto Finance.


If you want to be successful and put big numbers on the board this tax season, you’ll undoubtedly have to face the challenge of a few subprime deals.

I know, I know. Subprime deals aren’t among your favorite to close. But no matter how good business is this time of year, there will always be customers who have a few bruises on their credit report.

Credit Infocenter breaks the numbers down like this. “Good credit” is a score of 700 or higher. The national average credit score hovers around 680.

And reports that nearly a third of Americans have a credit score lower than 601 — the line between bad and fair credit. In short, a lot of people struggle with credit issues, and some of them may need to borrow money for a vehicle.

You’re in luck because no one deals in the subprime space better than Santander Auto Finance (SAF). And during tax season, SAF’s full-spectrum lending program continues to offer some great advantages, like:

• Cash down as low as $0 with a valid trade
• Competitive rates for lower FICO scores
• Approvals with maximum LTV for apps with valid trades
• Competitive backend options
• Dealer participation

In a recent blog, SAF tells how it can also help finance customers with light credit history, or thin files. Any form of credit issues your customers may have, SAF is ready to tackle.

Worried about fees associated with subprime deals? SAF has ways to minimize fees and give you the best deal possible.

Financing customers with perfect credit is easy. SAF is about creating solutions for our dealers and all of their customers, no matter the credit history. Our experienced credit-buyers and area sales managers are trained to help you take the toughest deals and structure them for approvals.

Using Your ASM as a Resource

092515 IL The secret to fast funding with SantanderThere’s no doubt that tax season at the dealership is a welcome invasion of selling potential.

But with the increase in volume, obstacles are sure to pop up.

Never fear. Your Santander Consumer USA area sales manager (ASM) has the answers to any questions that may arise when trying to close a deal. Whether it’s assistance in structuring a deal or advising on the best inventory, your ASM is there.

With the knowledgeable, training and experience in putting deals together, your ASM can guide you through the toughest of deals. And the right input can lead to fewer mistakes and faster funding.

Don’t let unanswered questions keep you from making the sale.

Our sales force can be a resource for you during this busy season.

What’s new at Santander Auto Finance

110915 IL What's new at Santander Auto FinanceSantander Auto Finance is always looking for ways to make things faster and simpler for our dealers. So, we’ve implemented a few new tools to ensure the deal-making process runs a little smoother.

The ease of eContracting

Put away the pen and three-ply paper. You can now use eContracting for any of your qualified customers. Just submit your contracts through RouteOne and the worry of faxing, filing and mailing is over. With eContracting, you can eliminate the cost of shipping documents to your lender, as well as reduce the margin for error with less exposure. Wait, there’s more. Funding is faster when your retail installment contracts are electronically submitted and accepted. 
Who doesn’t want faster funding?

Notification of the Notifications page

Need to know what’s holding you up in funding? Look no further. Our new Notifications page has all of the details about your deals. Our all-new Notifications page is where notices such as missing equipment, participation, product cancellation and unwinds can now be found. We are already working to add features that make this new page even more convenient for you to use. Watch for items like new search functions and filters coming soon!

The fight against fraud

Santander Auto Finance is working hard to help promote fraud awareness with our dealers. We want to help protect our dealer partners, and keeping you ahead of the game is the first step. Our primary focus regarding fraudulent activity centers around two topics: false paystubs and synthetic identity.

We have recently seen an increase in the production of false paystubs. In a previous blog, “Dealerships’ pay stub dilemma: It’s the real thing, or is it,” we talked about what industry experts are finding when it comes to fake pay stubs and what you need to be aware of.

We are also focusing in on synthetic identity, or a mixture of real and fake credentials. This could be anything from fake employment information to the unauthorized use of a social security number. Synthetic identity is being used to confuse things and create gaps in the verification process. The answer: When in doubt, check it out. We all have to be vigilant in preventing fraud.

If there’s a way to give our dealers more tools to build a successful business, Santander Auto Finance is working on it. We are constantly trying to improve the way we do business, and, working together, the possibilities are endless.