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East Coast Toyota

85 State RT 17,
Wood Ridge, NJ

Dealer principal:  John Ripoli

General manager: Jeff Brown

Brand represented: Toyota

How long in business: 25+ years

Number of employees: 120

Annual unit volume (approximate): 4,800+

What makes your dealership special:

The culture of our store makes it special. Our employees, in particular, contribute to the success of our dealership month in and month out. We take pride in providing excellent service to every customer that walks into our showroom. This creates a great customer experience and returns positive results.

SpotOnGIF_600px (1)

DRM Joe Carpentieri’s comment on what makes dealership special:

This is a fantastic store to be the rep for. They have a solid group of team players that know how to structure their deals and send in clean funding packages. They make my job as a DRM easy. The employees rarely leave, specifically the finance team, which has been in place for a few years now. That says a lot to me when I see the finance team at a store stay together for a long stretch of time with little to no turnover. The guys are very welcoming every time I come in and are always very positive.

How long working with Santander Consumer USA: 10+ years

What you like about doing business with Santander Consumer USA:  

It’s easy to do business with Santander. The speed of the callbacks coupled with the user-friendly Extranet allow us to work our deals in real time and get the best deal possible for our dealership and the customer. Funding is always a smooth process from start to finish, and we continue to send more business because of that. The credit buyers are always helpful and our DRM is available whenever we need him.

One best practice that contributes to your dealership’s success:

Working together as a team brings about positive results.

Describe your experience with Santander Consumer USA:

Overall our experience with Santander has been very positive and VERY profitable. The ease of doing business with Santander allows us to consistently send more business their way and put more and more cars on the road! The call backs are always solid, and we typically have a way to go!

– Juan Higuita, Finance Director

Greenwood Hubbard Chevrolet

2635 N. Main St.
Hubbard, OH

Dealer principal:  Greg Greenwood

General manager: Denny Denoi

Brand represented: Chevrolet

How long in business: 11 years

No. of employees: 30

Annual unit volume (approximate): 1,800

SC Dealer Relationship Manager: Robert Plemel

What makes your dealership special:

Our business has been in the community for years, and we value our customers. Our customer service stands out from the competition, and the people that work here create that culture. We are able to accommodate and serve our Ohio and Pennsylvania customers in a highly competitive General Motors market.

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DRM comment on what makes dealership special:

Greenwood Hubbard Chevrolet has always given us looks at the nonprime business, and we have had success over the years. They use our Dealer Extranet to increase their volume, and their ability to structure their own deals has helped increase their bottom line. Greenwood is an ideal Santander dealer, and we appreciate growing their business.

How long working with Santander Consumer USA: 10 years

What you like about doing business with Santander Consumer USA:  

Santander Consumer USA has been a consistent lender, and we count on them month in and month out.  Our buyer and dealer rep are always ready to help put deals together. Having access to the Dealer Extranet saves us time and gives us more flexibility in our deals.

One best practice that contributes to your dealership’s success:

Greenwood’s number one best practice is catering to the customer and putting the customer first.

Describe your experience with Santander Consumer USA:

Santander gives us opportunity for almost any customer that walks through the door. They are a full-spectrum lender and every year it seems their footprint grows within the dealership. We put our customers first and knowing that there is a flexible business partner working with us, we know we can.

– Tony Pesce, Finance Manager

Tony Pesce, finance manager, works a deal at Greenwood Hubbard Chevrolet.

Tony Pesce, finance manager, works a deal at Greenwood Hubbard Chevrolet.

Brown Daub Kia

3600 William Penn Highway, Easton, PA

Rob Lakey, left, and Kyle Arcury, sales managers, with Matthew Dancsecs at Brown Daub Kia.

Rob Lakey, left, and Kyle Arcury, sales managers, with Matthew Dancsecs at Brown Daub Kia.


Dealer principal:  Tom Daub

General manager: Gary Lee Eckley

Brand represented: Kia

How long in business: 20+ years

Number of employees: 50+

Annual unit volume (approximate): 1,940

SC Dealer Relationship Manager: William (Bill) Smith

What makes Brown Daub Kia special:

We are a family-oriented dealership. We offer a unique experience for our guests to be treated like “family.” Guests are given a visitor guide upon arrival to help determine which options work best for their needs and credit situation. Gary Lee Eckley has worked for years to establish himself as “That Family Guy,” which is promoted on various news media and social media outlets.

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DRM comment on what makes this dealership so special:

The staff at Brown Daub Kia is truly a team after one goal – helping every customer that walks into their showroom. They are able to use our program to its fullest extent to ensure customer satisfaction and dealership profitability. What’s most impressive is their processes and paperwork: This store maintains a two-day turnaround in funding, on average, including through our busiest season. Brown Daub Kia is a valued dealer.

How long working with Santander Consumer USA: 15 years

What you like about doing business with Santander Consumer USA:  

Santander offers a unique platform to rehash deals. This is not only a huge time saver, but also helps in finding the right vehicle based on our customer’s needs, all while maximizing profit potential. We also like the flexible credit hours and the availability of the credit buyers and funders to help, not only to make sure we can put a deal together but to make sure the deal sails through the funding process.

Describe your experience with Santander Consumer USA:

We’ve had a lot of experience with customers who maybe had little to no credit. With the program offered by Santander, we’ve been able to open the door for many people who have not had success at other dealerships. We are happy and fortunate to have been partnered with Santander, and look forward to many continued years of this very successful relationship.

– Matthew Dancsecs, General Sales Manager

AutoNation Toyota of Winter Park

225 N. Semoran Blvd.
Winter Park, FL

Dealer principal: Jim Bander

General manager: Nick Oliver

Brands represented: Toyota, Scion

How long in business: Since 2003

Number of employees: 230

Annual unit volume (approximate): 7,400

SC Dealer Relationship Manager: Jeremy Gates

SpotOnGIF_600px (1)

What makes AutoNation Toyota special:

The culture of my store makes it special. Everyone here contributes to the success of the store from the top to the bottom. We take pride in treating our employees right and taking care of them, because we know they will do the same for our customers.

DRM comment on what makes dealership special:

Everyone at this store is welcoming. They address any issues head on and seek a fair and timely resolution. Everyone is always willing to help in any situation, and has a positive vibe to go along with it.

052218 IL Autonation Toyota of Winter Park_Chafik Amrani

Chafik Amrani, AutoNation Toyota

How long working with Santander Consumer USA:

Since the beginning.

What do you like about doing business with Santander Consumer USA?

I really like the flexibility and ease of use of the Extranet. This allows us to make quick decisions and make the buying process easier for our customers. The quick response to submitting an application is also something we like and appreciate. I also like the people I work with at Santander Consumer USA. Everyone is friendly and willing to assist me with any problems that may arise.

One best practice that contributes to your dealership’s success:

We stay on top of any issue or problem from the get go. This practice keeps everyone happy and informed. We also do a lot of training to keep our employees educated on our products and to keep everyone fresh.

Describe your experience with Santander Consumer USA:

We are a store that does 740 cars a month. Our experience with Santander is a positive one with Santander being one of our most-used lenders, certainly No. 1 in subprime loans. I can see our business growing with the new signing of Santander as a preferred lender for AutoNation.

– Chafik Amrani, General Sales Manager

Del Toyota

2945 E. Lincoln Highway

Thorndale, PA


Dealer principal: Jack Del

General manager: Jim Lopez

Brands represented: Toyota

How long in business: 38 years

No. of employees: 97

Annual unit volume (approximate): 3,100

SC Dealer Relationship Manager: Brittany Beatty

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What makes Del Toyota special:

We cater to the customer’s individual needs. We focus on creating a seamless, transparent car buying experience. Customer service is our number one priority. We have been serving the area for over 35 years and pride ourselves on repeat business!

DRM Brittany Beatty’s comment on what makes dealership special:

This dealership is special because of their staff, especially the management team. You can tell that they work together and communicate with one another, which helps make their smooth machine work every day! Their success starts from the top down, and with their approachable and down-to-earth personalities, and make-it-work attitude, I can see why they not only made an impression on me, but make great impressions on their customers, which keeps them coming back.

How long working with Santander Consumer USA:

More than 10 years.

What do you like about doing business with Santander Consumer USA:

Santander provides an opportunity for our less-than-perfect-credit-score customers to still receive an awesome car buying experience.

One best practice that contributes to your dealership’s success:

Fast funding and good approvals

Please describe your experience with SC:

  • Fast response time on our submitted applications. Knowing we have a quick approval from Santander helps us make deals with our customers faster, and we don’t have to keep them waiting.
  • Dealer Extranet – We are big fans of the rehash tool. It gives us the flexibility to rehash multiple vehicles in minutes without having to pick up the phone.
  • Funding – We have had great experiences with the funding department. It is fast and painless, which keeps us wanting to work with Santander.
  • Our relationship with our Santander rep, Brittany Beatty, adds the perfect personal touch. In a time where instantaneous accessibility is vital, she is always a phone call away.

– Jim Lopez, General Manager


Patrick Donlen, general sales manager, left, and Jim Lopez, general manager, of Del Toyota.

Patrick Donlen, general sales manager, left, and Jim Lopez, general manager, of Del Toyota.

Sands Chevrolet

16991 W. Waddell Road

Surprise, AZ


Dealer principal: Jerry Moore and Chad Helmer

General manager: Chad Helmer

Brands represented: Chevrolet

How long in business: This location has been in business seven years, Sands Chevrolet, 84 years.

No. of employees: 300

Annual unit volume (approximate): 4,000

SC Area Sales Manager: Thomas Mann

SpotOnGIF_600px (1)

What makes Sands Chevrolet special:

The people and the processes make our dealership special

ASM Thomas Mann’s comment on what makes dealership special:

Everywhere you go at the dealership, someone is willing to help, from the front desk to the back offices.  They are very focused on looking forward and not back.

What do you like about doing business with Santander Consumer USA:

Using the Extranet. This is a phenomenal tool that not only allows you the ability to rehash deals but also speeds up the funding process by utilizing the upload feature. Our ASM is great asset, as well, because he has the ability to help us solve some of the more complicated issues that arise – helps to problem-solve and escalate issues to the appropriate party for a quick resolution.

For example:

We recently had an issue with deal that had been held in funding. Apparently the vehicle had been reported as frame damaged. Upon further review and sending the vehicle through our frame shop, we were able to say confidently that this vehicle was not frame damaged.

We tried to clear it through [the vehicle-history report company], but it quickly became apparent they were not going to be very helpful or concerned about the time constraint we faced. Shared the information with our ASM, who routed it to the SC Dealer Advocacy team, which contacted me promptly. Upon review of the information I shared with them, the deal was funded before the end of the day.

What originally looked like a real headache turned out to be another great example of why we do business with Santander Consumer USA.

One best practice that contributes to your dealership’s success:

A final look over every deal, just a quick look over all of the documents to ensure the “t’s” are crossed and the “i’s” are dotted.


– Howard Forman, Finance Director



Jerry Moore, dealer principal, left, with Howard Forman, finance director, at Sands Chevrolet.

Jerry Moore, dealer principal, left, with Howard Forman, finance director, at Sands Chevrolet.

Car Pros Kia

2220 Recreation Road

Carson, CA


Dealer principal: Juan Alarcon

General manager: Delilah Kohan

Brands represented: Kia

How long in business: 12 years

No. of employees: 450

Annual unit volume (approximate): 9,000

SC Area Sales Manager: Elsa Castro

SpotOnGIF_600px (1)

What makes Car Pros Kia special:

We are process driven.  Our motto is, employee satisfaction equals customer satisfaction. Our leadership believes in exceptional customer service. We do it because we choose. This positive attitude has propelled us to the next level. The processes implemented are executed daily. We thrive on our “Hassle-free return policy.” Our daily goal is to make every customer leave our store happy about their car-buying experience.

ASM Elsa Castro’s comment on what makes dealership special:

The word “process” is key in this dealer. Every last person is aware of the importance of following the process and trust it works. This is a true testament to the dealer’s success. Car Pros Kia strives to maintain a solid business relationship with Santander Consumer USA (SC). They understand the importance of sending SC a balanced, performing portfolio because they care.

How long has dealership worked with Santander Consumer USA:

We have had been doing business with SC since we opened 12 years ago.

What do you like about doing business with Santander Consumer USA:

Our rep Elsa Castro has been a part of our streamlined process. She has worked with all key people to help us put more car deals together. The Dealer Extranet is a vital component to accommodate our late hours of operation. SC’s funding associates are always willing to help, allowing us to have our deals funded within 24 hours.

The best practice that contributes to your dealership’s success:

Following the process.

Please describe your experience with SC:

Car Pros Kia attributes part of its monthly success to Santander Consumer USA. Because of the flexible program, we are able to sell more new and used cars. We look forward to continuing to work together and share success as partners.


– Tony Avedisian, Used Car Director



Tony Avedisian, left, used car director, and Steve Shaban, finance manager, of Car Pros Kia.

Tony Avedisian, left, used car director, and Steve Shaban, finance manager, of Car Pros Kia.

Santander 2013 Golf Tournament pool is here! Sign up to win prizes!

2013 Golf Tournament

On June 13, 2013, the first round of one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world begins when the 113th U.S. Open Championship takes place at the East Course of the Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, PA.

Throughout the weekend, the biggest names in the game will swing into action, competing for the coveted U.S. Open trophy. The field will include some of the world’s best including 2013 Masters’ champion Adam Scott, 2013 Players’ champion Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Bubba Watson, and Phil Mickelson. As of now the FedEx Cup points standing leaders are Tiger Woods, Brandt Snedeker, Kevin Streelman, Billy Horschel, and Matt Kuchar. Sign up for the Santander Dealer Golf Tournament today and when the final field is announced on June 10, 2013, picks may be submitted.

In celebration of the tournament, Santander is launching its 2013 Golf Tournament pool, which is now open for your player submissions.

IT’S FREE TO ENTER, BUT KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE YOUR PICKS BY THE FIRST SCHEDULED TEE TIME– FOR EACH MAJOR. After that, we will not accept submissions. So be sure to fill out your picks completely, so we can make sure that you’re running for prizes.

How do Major Championship Golf Pools Work?

Here are the rules for our 2013 Golf Tournament:

  • Picks are made for each of the four Major tournaments:
  • The Masters
  • The U.S. Open Championship
  • The (British) Open Championship
  • The PGA Championship
  • Before each tournament, the PGA players in the tournament field are divided into six (6) tiers or flights, based on their current World Golf Ranking.
  • Each pool member chooses one golfer from each of the six tiers. These six golfers make up their Player Roster for that tournament.
  • The goal is to be the member whose roster performs the best, cumulatively, as a team.
  • Any PGA Player who does not make the cut will be given the highest score of Round 3 and Round 4, respectively.
  • Performance is tracked for each Major individually, but also in aggregate for all the Major Championships.

Making Picks

Players will be asked to pick one player from each of the six tiers (or flights). The flights are based on the World Golf Ranking of the PGA Players in the field for that tournament. For example, Tier #1 will be comprised mostly of players in the Top 10 in the world, Tier #2 of players between 11-20 in the world, etc.

Picks can be made once the tournament field has been entered in our system and can be changed right up until the first scheduled tee time in each Major.

Viewing Picks and Standings

Once the pick deadline has passed, members are prevented from making or changing their picks. At that time, they’ll also be able to see our detailed pick summary reports as well as everyone’s specific picks.

Standings are updated automatically during the tournament as the PGA Players complete their rounds. We will use the Player Roster stroke total to determine the winner(s), which is the default sort order in the Standings reports. However, to keep things interesting, we may also use the roster’s cumulative money winnings or FedEx points.

In addition to the current Major tournament, we accumulate pool member standings across all four Major Tournaments. This allows us to determine winners for each Major as well as a cumulative winner for the entire 2013 PGA Tour Majors season. WOW!

What if my PGA Player picks miss the cut?

Even the top players in the world sometimes miss the cut at a Major. When a player you’ve picked gets cut, that golfer will receive a score equal to the highest (worst) score of the day by a player that made the cut.

Important Dates:

The U.S. Open: Begins on Thursday, June 13, 2013, and lasts until June 16, 2013

The (British) Open: Begins on Thursday, July 18, 2013, and lasts until July 21, 2013

The PGA Championship: Begins on Thursday, August 8, 2013, and lasts until August 11, 2013


Top prizes will be awarded to the winners of each tournament.

There are two ways to log in and pick your players:

1: VETERANS: If you participated in our Santander Dealer Football or Basketball Pool:

  • Go to
  • Log in with your Username and Password
  • Click on “Join an Existing Pool” on the header and enter Pool ID number 16509 and Password drive123 click the “Go” button
  • Click on the “My Account” link on the top-right of all pages
  • Click on “Santander Golf Tournament Pool

2: ROOKIES: If this is your first time playing with us:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Join an Existing Pool”
  • In the Pool ID box, enter the number 16509
  • In the Pool Password box, enter drive123


Ask the ASM-How the Rehash Tool Can Increase Profit


Ask the ASM Featuring Cynthia Gonzales

Hash over your deals and potentially increase profits with Santander Consumer USA’s rehash tool. Area Sales Manager Cynthia Gonzales shares details on enhancing your deals using the rehash tool on our dealer extranet.



 Full Script Below:
Cynthia Gonzales: One of the questions I get asked most often is: how can the rehash tool that Santander offers, increase the profitability of my car deal? I tell them if you can’t get your buyer on the phone, you can go into the rehash tool. You’ll be able to find the parameters of your loan, LTV, DTI, PTI. You’ll be able to change your collateral. You’ll be able to change the structure of your loan, update income if you need to. All of these things impact the profitability of your loan and you can get that right at the time you use the tool. That’s how you can increase profitability on your car deals by using the rehash tool.

Silver Star Mercedes On Santander's Full-Spectrum Program

Silver Star Mercedes On Santander’s Full-Spectrum Program

The Santander Auto Finance Full Spectrum program gives you options when trying to meet the needs of your customers. From prime to subprime, we can help. Listen as Michelle Gonzalez, from Silver Star Mercedes, tells you how SAF has made a difference in her sales.


Full Script Below:

Michelle Gonzalez: I’ve worked with Santander um pretty much in the last three dealerships that I’ve worked in. I’ve worked with them directly for over ten years. Santander has helped us a lot because we always needed something for the middle of the road. Um client, uh little bit less of a bank fee, something that we can um deliver without as much paperwork and stipulations on the deal. So it has really helped us have that niche um in a market that was hard for us to compete with because either you had to have a client who was superior and A Plus credit or Drive really catered more to the real sub-prime market …um person who really needed to reestablish. So this is nice to have that option to have a little bit of something for everybody. You know it’s really all about having the tools that you need, having the product that you need, having people…um present the product in an efficient way. If you tell your customer you are going to give them something, you have to provide what you told them. I’ve noticed with Santander that when a customer is given that option and we have a little bit more room, a lower fee, we can satisfy the customer easier because they can get more car for the money and not have to worry about such a high interest rate and a higher bank fee and things like that, like the, like a lot of the other sub-prime banks do… um have. So all around, it’s… it’s…it’s been a great tool for myself and it’s really helped us in the service department. Getting people in on pre-owned cars, they come back for service, and also with the pre-owned inventory, and also selling a lot more pre-owned cars than we did before. Everyone wants to drive a Mercedes. It doesn’t matter what their financial situation is or their credit situation is, if they can get a Mercedes, that’s what their goal is in life, but not everyone can afford a new one…uh but that’s why we have a nice certified pre-owned inventory and you can you know get a 2007 or a 2008 beautiful E Class or C Class, whatever it is to fit your budget with the help of a bank like Santander. We can put it all together. There’s no reason why a customer who’s had some issues in the past, has to drive an unreliable junky car. We should be able to give them something you know that they’re proud of. They are actually you know a little bit more um capable of making the payments on something that they like. They feel better about it and it makes them work harder to make sure they do make the payments when they are driving a product that they love, as opposed to the dealership just throwing them into something they can get approved. And that’s how you get repos and you get people that give up on their payments because they have problems with the car and they don’t really love it. They don’t want to pay for it. You know they just give up. Um she fell behind in her credit and her credit rating. We had a deal with Santander last week for a customer that had some health issues in the past. And recently we put her into an ML and she bought a pre- owned ML. She’s making her payments. She’s reestablishing her credit. She’s a single mother, so she has children. She needed an SUV. And it worked out great. She’s called me. She thanked me. She came by the dealership and thanked everyone. So it’s…it’s….nice that you know they’re not feeling like we are just forcing them into whatever car that can get bought at twenty- four percent or so-you know- it’s, there’s a little bit more flexibility now, which is helping me a lot to provide a better service to my customers.