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GM, Chrysler, two other manufacturers top 2013 satisfaction awards


General Motors. Chrysler. Toyota. Lexus.

The four manufacturers were named in multiple categories in 2013 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards by AutoPacific marketing and product-consulting firm.

The company, which seeks to identify “the most satisfying cars on the market and help consumers make informed vehicle purchase decisions,” selected vehicles from the three manufacturers in 11 of 24 categories, General Motors in four and Chrysler Group, Toyota and Lexus in three each. Chrysler Group is the only manufacturer which won with three different nameplates.

Three other manufacturers – Kia, Hyundai and Ford – each took two VSA categories.

“AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Awards help vehicle buyers sort through an increasingly complicated selection of brands and models,” said George Peterson, company president.  “For the 2013 model year, there are 294 models and 33 brands from which to choose a new vehicle.  The VSA clearly shows the buyers which vehicles are at the top of the class they are considering.”

The most satisfying brands overall are Cadillac, Top Premium Brand, and Buick, Top Popular Brand, according to AutoPacific.

Here are the top four manufacturers, by vehicle and category, which won honors:

General Motors: Cadillac SRX, Luxury Crossover SUV, and Chevrolet Sonic, Corvette and Silverado in Economy, Sports and Heavy Duty Pickup categories, respectively.

Chrysler Group: Dodge Challenger, Sporty Car (tie with Hyundai Veloster); Jeep Grand Cherokee, Mid-size SUV, and Chrysler Town & Country, Minivan.

Toyota: Avalon, Large Car; Avalon Hybrid, Hybrid/EV; Highlander, Premium Mid-Size Crossover SUV.

Lexus: Lexus LS460, Luxury Car; Lexus ES, Luxury Mid-Size Car, and Lexus RX450h, Hybrid/EV Crossover SUV.

AutoPacific’s objectively measures owner satisfaction with 51 vehicle attributes ranging from interior comfort and convenience to fuel economy and performance.

“Vehicles that score highest in the Vehicle Satisfaction Awards are delivering value and satisfaction across a wide range of attributes,” says Peterson. “The winners perform well in 51 separate categories that objectively measure the ownership experience.”

An industry benchmark for measuring how satisfied an owner is with his/her new vehicle, AutoPacific’s VSA are based on the results of responses from over 52,000 new vehicle owners.

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Financing Self-Employed Customers

Want to know whether Santander finances your self-employed applicants? Area Sales Manager Joe Magliocca shares the do’s, don’ts and documents needed to fund your self-employed customers.



Full Script Below:

Hello I am Joe Magliocca, Area Sales Manager for Santander Consumer USA. One question I hear often is whether or not we finance self-employed or 1099 applicants and what stips are needed to fund these loans. At Santander, the funding process for these applicants can be quick and easy, but submitting the right information is key. Let’s start with proof of income. All self- employed and 1099 applicants must have three months or business or personal bank statements. Self-employed applicants must also include two years of professionally prepared tax returns to include their Schedule C’s. 1099 Employees must have a valid work number, so that a funding analyst can call to verify their employment status. Once all forms of information are verified, a funding analyst will calculate income and determine how much we can lend your customer. That’s it. It’s that simple. At Santander we want to help you close all of your deals and remember the next time you have questions, just ask your ASM. We’re here to help

What everyone is saying about Drive

Drive provides our dealership with an avenue to make incremental deals that would otherwise be missed through traditional lending programs. With the newest push to capture midrange paper, Drive is once again proving their competitive edge and interest in becoming every dealer’s “relationship lender.” Whether sub-prime or near-prime, Drive representatives are always willing to push hard to make deals.

At Alpine, we rarely miss a deal. That is why having the Drive connection is so important. On average, we make 10 to 15 deals each month with Drive that would have otherwise been missed. While the fees can be substantial, we rarely lose money on these transactions. Instead, we have happy, satisfied customers that spread the word that Alpine can do what other dealers can’t do – get them approved!

With people like Roger Glas, how could Drive fail? From the approval to funding, he is never more than a phone call away! People really do make the difference. Where other representatives are absent, Roger is a hands-on area sales manager. He visits regularly and stays until the problems, whatever they may be, are handled. I truly appreciate such attention to detail. For that, Alpine is proud to be a part of the Drive connection.

Julie Burney /// FINANCE MANAGER



The relationship we have with Drive Financial continues to grow as you show great determination to meet the needs of the sub-prime customer market. The diversification in programs to the One, Complete, Solution tiers gives us the opportunity to expand our business together.

The unique qualities you present to our dealership is the flexibility of the buyer to work a deal, the options you give with self-employed, employees and the ability to assist with our credit-challenged customers.

Our dealership experiences fast funding, which is a valuable benefit that we recognize and appreciate! Thank you for providing your service to help us generate new customers.




I am excited about the new relationship we have started with Drive Financial. In the first month of working with you, we have funded nine deals!

Drive Financial offers us programs that meet the profile of our customers. I am very impressed with fast approvals and callbacks that we receive within moments of sending the applications. As a resourceful lender, we recognize the impact you are making to our business and customers.

We appreciate your service and relationship with us!




Using Drive has been a big advantage for me because I have real people to work with. The system Drive uses is very user-friendly and the buyers and dealer reps are wonderful. I can remember several times a deal where I could not get in touch with my buyer but I was able to reach my rep (Merica) and she was able to get the problem solved immediately. If all the other banks would handle problems as fast and with as much effectiveness as Merica, the world would be a better place. Thanks for always being there when I need you.



What Everyone is saying about Drive

“For the last six years, Drive Financial has been an instrumental business partner with Mac Haik Ford Lincoln Mercury in Georgetown Texas. While we aggressively pursue the sub-prime market, our success would have not flourished without them.

While watching Drive Financial grow as one of our premier business partners, we attribute a lot of that success to our Drive Area Sales Manager, Elizabeth McDowell, and our Drive Credit Analyst, Eddie Williams. They both work with us daily to understand Drive’s broad range of programs and any changes that might affect our business.

Our typical funding turn around with Drive is one day. That success comes from our Funding Administrator Gloria Thomason’s understanding of Drive’s program. We strive to keep our contracts in transit at one day. To ensure this happens, Drive has done an outstanding job of working with us to help fund our deals in a prompt manner.

We look forward to our future relationship with Drive and the continued support of their supportive and professional team.”


Mac Haik Ford Lincoln Mercury, Georgetown, Texas


“The reason why I love Drive Financial is that they are the only true lender that I can count on in any economy to make a living. They will go the extra mile when possible to help you with fees, terms and customers with special circumstances. They will help you put the customer on the right car that’s not restricted. I have been very fortunate to gross between $4,000 to $4,500 on a Drive deal. And most of all, I love my Area Sales Manager. She helps me to get deals funded expeditiously.”


Serra Nissan/VW, Birmingham, Alabama


“We just helped a recently married couple with a newborn baby and no transportation purchase a great family vehicle. The approval process took only minutes from the time they filled out their application here at Mike Calvert Toyota. Thanks, Drive, for helping us sell another one!”


Mike Calvert Toyota, Houston, Texas


“Drive Financial makes it simple and easy to obtain financing, and help get our customers down the road to financial prosperity. Our Drive buyer and Area Sales Manager make our jobs a whole lot easier with their quick processing and assistance.”


R&M Auto Group, Houston, Texas

What everyone is saying about Drive

“When I started doing Special Finance four years ago I searched for several sub-prime lenders. I remember the first deal I did with Drive. The buyer took his time and helped me understand the lender’s requirements as well as what my structure could be. My area sales manager (great guy) followed up with a visit to our dealership shortly thereafter. He gave me a level of reassurance about Drive Financial. I am still with the same dealership after four years, and Drive Financial is MY NUMBER ONE BANK FOR SUB-PRIME. Over the past four years Drive has funded hundreds – and I mean
– of my deals. We know in today’s economic times there are more people that have fallen into the sub-prime market. Four years ago, I had several sub-prime lenders that talked a good game, but where are they now? Well I can tell you…”game over” for them. But not Drive, which is why I am still with them. DRIVE DELIVERS!

The greatest challenges I see today in Special Finance is that there are more and more people losing their homes, jobs, wages, etc. Drive has continued to adapt its programs to ensure that even in these tough times, there is still hope. I have so many customers that come to me believing that there is no way they will be able to have a vehicle. But I know something they don’t. I KNOW DRIVE.

When working with Drive, the key things a dealer should know are LTV, rate, year and mileage of vehicle, and — most important — the stips. My Area Sales Manager helps me manage my relationship with Drive by making weekly visits and phone calls. He is always on top of all the deals we submit to Drive. He has continued to inform me of any changes and or updates from Drive. This helps make funding deals quick and easy. Drive is a major partner in the success of our dealership. My Special Finance Department is still going strong because of Drive Financial.

Sunnyvale Ford, Sunnyvale, California


1. Why did you choose to start working with Drive®, and why have you stuck with Drive as a lender?

I started working with Drive as a lender mainly because it gives me a way to go with a deal when other lenders just shut you down. I have stuck with Drive because it gives me an option when I have none. Drive also funds very fast. If I have to pay a little more money in fees to Drive rather than another bank to get my deal funded, I will send it to Drive.

2. What do you see as the greatest challenges in Special Finance today? Is Drive able to help you overcome any of those challenges?

The greatest challenge in special finance today is banks. There are plenty of people out there today that need special finance. Bankruptcies are higher than they have ever been and credit is worse since we went into a recession. Drive has many options to overcome [consumers with] these challenges.

3. What are the key things a dealer should know when using Drive as a lender?

In order to save money in fees with Drive, you need to watch your LTV. If you can keep your loan to value under 115 percent or less, and stay away from extending the term, you can keep a reasonable acquisition fee. Another key with Drive is that today’s customer is in the middle of foreclosure or behind on payments on his or her house. Unlike other banks, Drive does the deal. I like that. Lastly, Drive allows you a 60-month term when other special finance banks allow 36-48 months as their terms.

4. How does your Area Sales Manager help you manage your relationship with Drive?

My area manager is great. Her name is Amy Watkins. I see that woman more than I see some of my salespeople. She is always making up flyers to keep me (and I’m sure all of the other dealers) up-to-date on what to watch and watch out for with Drive. She is full of information and I love that.

5. Do you see Drive as a partner to help your business succeed?

I do. Drive helps our business because it gives us a way to go on a deal when everyone else in the market wants nothing to do with it.

Elk Grove Acura, Elk Grove, California

WHat everyone is saying about Drive

The Mastria Dealer Group would like to thank Drive Financial for the financing they offer to our credit-challenged customers — especially in today’s economy. They have an incredible variety of options no other bank offers, which helps my dealership group deliver on average an additional eight to 10 units per month.

Our area sales manager, Michael Washburn, is always there for my dealership group when issues arise. He helps resolve them quickly and move on to new business. I find I use my area sales manager more often with Drive because he’s only a phone call away and always gets back to me within the hour.

It’s a great comfort to have a resource like that. Mastria Auto Group looks forward to future business with Drive – especially with our Nissan store and Drive’s incredible program [flat-fee, new-car program for imports] they have on all new Nissans. If you’re a Nissan store, you NEED Drive’s programs. I can promise you will deliver more units with [the new] program for Nissans, as well as new Hondas and Toyotas.

Mastria Auto Group, Raynham, Massachusetts

I have found Drive to be a dependable lender. They enable us to sell more cars and give us more options for customers. Today’s greatest special finance challenge is the lack of lenders. Quite simply, Drive helps me overcome this challenge because they are still buying and funding.

When using Drive as a lender, communication is key! Always ask questions. In my case, my area sales manager is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She is always around when I need her. My buyer is also key. He is always willing to work with me and help me understand how a deal may work.

I have to say that the City World Group is more willing to do deals with Drive due to the great relationship we have with ourarea sales manager. We know she will always keep us apprised of new programs and deals in funding. When we have hard issues, she does a good job of explaining Drive’s point of view and lending policies.

Is Drive a partner that helps our business succeed? Absolutely! I have been with the City World group for seven years, and now that I have moved to Toyota, we have started doing more Drive deals and I am showing them that we can sell more cars and give the customer more options with Drive.

City World Toyota, Bronx, New York