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Ride along with Billy Burleson

In the world of auto dealers, it takes one to know one. That’s why Area Sales Manager Billy Burleson is a great asset to the Santander Auto Finance family.

Billy spent years on the other side of the table as a sales manager at multiple dealerships. He’s had vast experience putting deals together from a dealer’s perspective. Now, he’s using that perspective to show our dealer partners all of the great options SAF has to offer.

Ride along with Billy, and let him tell you what SAF can do from a dealer’s point of view.


Financing Self-Employed Customers

Want to know whether Santander finances your self-employed applicants? Area Sales Manager Joe Magliocca shares the do’s, don’ts and documents needed to fund your self-employed customers.



Full Script Below:

Hello I am Joe Magliocca, Area Sales Manager for Santander Consumer USA. One question I hear often is whether or not we finance self-employed or 1099 applicants and what stips are needed to fund these loans. At Santander, the funding process for these applicants can be quick and easy, but submitting the right information is key. Let’s start with proof of income. All self- employed and 1099 applicants must have three months or business or personal bank statements. Self-employed applicants must also include two years of professionally prepared tax returns to include their Schedule C’s. 1099 Employees must have a valid work number, so that a funding analyst can call to verify their employment status. Once all forms of information are verified, a funding analyst will calculate income and determine how much we can lend your customer. That’s it. It’s that simple. At Santander we want to help you close all of your deals and remember the next time you have questions, just ask your ASM. We’re here to help

Take another look at Santander

It’s a new year. You’ve set your goals and want to get out of the blocks and sell, sell, sell! Well, Santander may have just what you need to begin this year on the right foot. Listen to several of our dealers tell how the Santander, Drive and RoadLoans programs are instrumental in helping them put deals together and sell more cars.

Full Script Below:

Jason Dill: My name is Jason Dill. Uh I’ve been here at Lustine Chrysler Jeep Dodge for going on ten years now and I’m the General Sales Manager. Seven years ago when we were doing Drive Deals, there were customers that needed $2,500 down on cheap cars. Now we are financing people to drive in Santander on cars that are up to $40,000 dollars sometimes. 
David Kelly: It just generates more business for any dealer that uses them. They buy deeper uh… full spectrum lending, so you know you’re gonna get more deals bought and more cars delivered. 

Jason Dill: With the Chrysler Subvented Program , we’ve got people getting a 7,8 percent rates no fees on the loans. It’s really helping put deals together. 
David Kelly: So we use three programs here and we fund deals across all three every month, so it’s a nice addition. 
Carlos Miller: If you’re not using Santander, you’re missing at least 10 to 15 deals a month. Drive and Santander is the program that we really use to get it done. 
David Kelly: I have a deal on my desk right now. It’s gonna go through Santander and he came in just looking you know for someone to help him out
Jason Dill: Uh didn’t have much credit at all. Had a significant down payment and could only afford a small monthly payment. We actually submitted the deal to several different banks. We got an approval from Santander at a 6 or 7 percent rate because the equity down uh…on a customer that would normally be paying a rate around 20 percent and we’re able to get them to that payment they were looking for.
Carlos Miller: We’ve had them come in with bad mortgages, have left their house foreclosures and we tell them we still have a way to make it work for them and Santander has been there to get them back on their feet and get a car so they can get back and forth to work. 
Jason Dill: The dealers that aren’t using Santander or Drive are missing the boat. I mean there’s definitely… we’re doing 10 to 20 deals a month. We’re the number one Chrysler dealer in the Mid-Atlantic and it’s definitely helping us put some deals together to people we wouldn’t normally be selling cars to. 
Tony Dass: Drive does help you generate a lot of business and bottom line is they generally help you generate a lot of money too; income, at the end of the year. And if they’re not using it, they’re missing it. Well I’m glad they’re not using it because we are getting the business.

Santander offers flexibility with its financing


Dealers in the Virginia area tell how Santander gives you a way to go on almost every deal. With Santander, auto financing has flexibility and can create more sales for your dealership.

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Laura Hayden: My name is Laura Haden. I am a finance director at Pohanka Nissan Hyundai. A lot of customers come in here and they don’t have a hope. They say uh, you know we know. We’ve shopped around.We can’t get done. We can’t get financed. We have, of course the Drive Program with Santander Program. Um which is wide spectrum now, so there’s…there are many, many options that we can offer all of our customers. 
Josh Adams: Being just outside DC, we’re about an hour south of DC and we…we do have a lot of government workers running up and down the road every day. Um…it’s neat being so close to the nation’s capital. Being so close to Richmond, we do have quite a few commuters. We see them every day. Um…it’s a huge part of our market. What we find most attractive about the programs is unlike other lenders, give us a conventional yes-no answer. What they give us a yes or they give us a this is what we can do program. And we really benefit from that. Laura Hayden: I can say there’s probably been quite a few customers that we’ve been able to uh….put….put out vehicles that we didn’t think we were able to. Uh one just recently. She’d actually had just a couple charge-offs, needed transportation, had to have a vehicle. So uh… we were able to do that for her. It’s a good feeling.
Josh Adams: We use Drive to get her into a program. Uh lady was hysterical. Uh we got her into a Versa, which she runs up and down the road in. This lady brought a couple of her family members all the way down from New Jersey and uh…we…we did a similar type program on them and uh when you sell an entire family cars, you know you’ve done something good. 
Laura Hayden: We have a great bankrupt that we deal with, uh great relationship. Their buyers are great. Funding, very easy to deal with. 
Josh Adams: To dealers not using Santander or Drive right now, I say you’re, you’re missing out an avenue of missing deals. It’s just another avenue in, in the path that you can take to put potentially another customer into another car. 
Laura Hayden: You’re probably missing out on 10, 15 deals a month for sure. I’m just excited to see what they are going to do. I’m always clicking Santander. On uh just about every deal I get, I really think that if uh your dealership is not using Santander, that you’re missing out.


Ask the ASM-Can I Control Fees When Financing a Subprime Customer?


Ask the ASM Featuring Stephanie Bradford

When talking with dealers about subprime customers, there is always the question about dealer financing fees. In this edition of “Ask The ASM,” Area Sales Manager Stephanie Bradford explores ways you can control subprime customer fees.


Full Script Below:

Hello. I’m Stephanie Bradford, Area Sales Manager for Santander Consumer USA.
One of the questions that I get from my dealers is “How can I control fees when financing a subprime customer.”
There are several different roads you could take when looking at controlling costs. It’s all in how you structure the deal. You could make sure the vehicle selection includes more modestly-priced cars…or work to keep payment-to-income and loan-to value percentages at a reasonable rate. But now that Santander Auto Finance has become a full-spectrum lender, you don’t have to focus only on the credit-challenged customer. We’re financing everything from prime to sub-prime, offering competitive rates and 0 acquisition fees. Send ALL of your applications to Santander and watch your business grow.
Anytime you need help restructuring your deals to control fees, “Ask Your ASM.”
We’re here to help you close the deal.

Ask the ASM-How the Rehash Tool Can Increase Profit


Ask the ASM Featuring Cynthia Gonzales

Hash over your deals and potentially increase profits with Santander Consumer USA’s rehash tool. Area Sales Manager Cynthia Gonzales shares details on enhancing your deals using the rehash tool on our dealer extranet.



 Full Script Below:
Cynthia Gonzales: One of the questions I get asked most often is: how can the rehash tool that Santander offers, increase the profitability of my car deal? I tell them if you can’t get your buyer on the phone, you can go into the rehash tool. You’ll be able to find the parameters of your loan, LTV, DTI, PTI. You’ll be able to change your collateral. You’ll be able to change the structure of your loan, update income if you need to. All of these things impact the profitability of your loan and you can get that right at the time you use the tool. That’s how you can increase profitability on your car deals by using the rehash tool.

Ask the ASM-Phone Bill Verifications

Ask the ASM Featuring Merica Profit

Need to overcome an obstacle to close the deal? Ask your ASM. The Area Sales Managers with Santander Consumer USA are knowledgeable and able to help you handle issues that come up with an application. Today’s question is how to complete a deal without a phone bill from your customer. Santander ASM Merica Profit has some helpful tips.



Full Script Below:

Hi, I’m Merica Profit, Area Sales Manager with Santander Consumer USA, here with a helpful hint about phone verifications.
With e-billing and online statements, many times our customers won’t have the physical phone bill needed to fund their loan. 
Santander has a solution.
While a phone bill in the customer’s name would speed up the funding process, our funding specialists can also perform phone verifications by calling the numbers given on the customer’s credit application. 
In addition, Santander can conduct the required customer interview, verifying two items with one easy call.
Just make sure to get the right numbers, and we’ll do the rest!
Don’t let small questions keep you from making the sale. 
Ask your ASM! Get the answers you need to close the deal!

Silver Star Mercedes On Santander's Full-Spectrum Program

Silver Star Mercedes On Santander’s Full-Spectrum Program

The Santander Auto Finance Full Spectrum program gives you options when trying to meet the needs of your customers. From prime to subprime, we can help. Listen as Michelle Gonzalez, from Silver Star Mercedes, tells you how SAF has made a difference in her sales.


Full Script Below:

Michelle Gonzalez: I’ve worked with Santander um pretty much in the last three dealerships that I’ve worked in. I’ve worked with them directly for over ten years. Santander has helped us a lot because we always needed something for the middle of the road. Um client, uh little bit less of a bank fee, something that we can um deliver without as much paperwork and stipulations on the deal. So it has really helped us have that niche um in a market that was hard for us to compete with because either you had to have a client who was superior and A Plus credit or Drive really catered more to the real sub-prime market …um person who really needed to reestablish. So this is nice to have that option to have a little bit of something for everybody. You know it’s really all about having the tools that you need, having the product that you need, having people…um present the product in an efficient way. If you tell your customer you are going to give them something, you have to provide what you told them. I’ve noticed with Santander that when a customer is given that option and we have a little bit more room, a lower fee, we can satisfy the customer easier because they can get more car for the money and not have to worry about such a high interest rate and a higher bank fee and things like that, like the, like a lot of the other sub-prime banks do… um have. So all around, it’s… it’s…it’s been a great tool for myself and it’s really helped us in the service department. Getting people in on pre-owned cars, they come back for service, and also with the pre-owned inventory, and also selling a lot more pre-owned cars than we did before. Everyone wants to drive a Mercedes. It doesn’t matter what their financial situation is or their credit situation is, if they can get a Mercedes, that’s what their goal is in life, but not everyone can afford a new one…uh but that’s why we have a nice certified pre-owned inventory and you can you know get a 2007 or a 2008 beautiful E Class or C Class, whatever it is to fit your budget with the help of a bank like Santander. We can put it all together. There’s no reason why a customer who’s had some issues in the past, has to drive an unreliable junky car. We should be able to give them something you know that they’re proud of. They are actually you know a little bit more um capable of making the payments on something that they like. They feel better about it and it makes them work harder to make sure they do make the payments when they are driving a product that they love, as opposed to the dealership just throwing them into something they can get approved. And that’s how you get repos and you get people that give up on their payments because they have problems with the car and they don’t really love it. They don’t want to pay for it. You know they just give up. Um she fell behind in her credit and her credit rating. We had a deal with Santander last week for a customer that had some health issues in the past. And recently we put her into an ML and she bought a pre- owned ML. She’s making her payments. She’s reestablishing her credit. She’s a single mother, so she has children. She needed an SUV. And it worked out great. She’s called me. She thanked me. She came by the dealership and thanked everyone. So it’s…it’s….nice that you know they’re not feeling like we are just forcing them into whatever car that can get bought at twenty- four percent or so-you know- it’s, there’s a little bit more flexibility now, which is helping me a lot to provide a better service to my customers.

Santander Is Now a Full-Spectrum Lender

Santander Auto Finance puts its “Full Spectrum” program into full swing. In this video, National Sales Director Vince Meglio talks about the benefits of financing with SAF.

Full Script Below:

Santander Consumer USA is now the place to send all of your applications. Hi. I am Vince Meglio, National Sales Direction for Santander Consumer USA. Santander Auto, the industry leader in sub- prime and near- prime finance, is now a full spectrum lender. From the highest credit score to your most credit challenge customers, SAF provides competitive market pricing and approvals on applications across all credit tiers. Simply send all your applications to our SAF Platform via DealerTrack or RouteOne and we’ll do the rest. As always, we are here to help you sell more cars. If you need anything, contact your area sales manager. And from all of us here at Santander, thanks for your business.