These five car companies have the most valuable brand names

What’s in a name?

Brand value – the estimation of how much extra people will pay or how often they will choose one particular brand over another brand.

It helps separate the top automotive brands from the rest – five in the case of the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2018, compiled by Kantar Millward Brown market research firm.

Those five are Toyota (36), Mercedes-Benz (46), BMW (47), Ford (96) and Honda (97). The remainder of the Top 10 car brands are Nissan, Audi, Tesla, Maruti Suzuki and Volkswagen, respectively.

061218 IL These five car companies have the most valuable brand names

Perhaps it should not be a surprise that the top mainstream brands on the Top 100 list also are three of the top five in sales worldwide, with Toyota No. 1, followed by Ford and Honda at Nos. 3 and 5. Mercedes leads the premium vehicle segment at No. 10 in sales worldwide followed by BMW at No. 12. Only Volkswagen and Nissan, which were not on the Top 100 list made the top five in sales.

Mercedes-Benz was the only automotive company that scored a 5/5 in “brand contribution,” a measure of how much the name drives sales and enables a brand to command a price premium independent of other market factors. Toyota, BMW and Honda all scored 4/5 and Ford scored 3/5.


So what does all this mean to you as a dealership – besides the obvious if your brand is in the Top 100? We’ll have those answers in upcoming posts on the Inside Lane blog.


Toyota’s top automotive industry ranking overall was no fluke, based on previous BrandZ value reports. This was the 11th time in 13 years the most-valuable brands study ranked Toyota No. 1 among automotive brands, missing only in 2010 and 2012, when it ranked second to BMW on the Top 100 list.

Toyota’s brand was valued at nearly $30 billion, up 5 percent, because of its reliability and the strong demand for its SUVs, according to the research company, while the Mercedes brand was valued at more than $26.5 billion and BMW was valued at more than $25.5 billion. The study valued Ford, the only American-based automaker on the list, and Honda brands at less than half that of Mercedes and BMW.

Four of the five brands, excluding Ford, increased in value compared to last year, but all five fell in the rankings compared to other companies making the list.

Eight of the top 10 brands overall and 17 of the top 20 brands were American companies, with Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft comprising the top four. The study valued Google and Apple, both of which are experimenting with self-driving vehicles, at more than 10 times the top automaker, Toyota. The overall value of all these companies is significantly greater than the brand value.

The overall value of all these companies is significantly greater than the brand value.

SC confident that revamped program can speed dealers’ success

Confidence breeds success.

Or, perhaps, in the case of vehicle sales, speeds success.

When you’re on The Road Ahead, success is measured in dollars and cents, of course, but also in the customer and business relationships you build along the way.

That is why Santander Consumer USA (SC) is confident about our enhanced lending program.

It scores on both of those important measures.

Road Ahead V1

Here’s what that means to you, the dealer:

  • A pricing strategy calibrated to a dealer-favorable call.
  • Lower price and discount fee and a fresh approach to credit underwriting.
  • Flexibility on financing terms and increased dealer participation.
  • Affordable direct-mail and lead-exchange programs to increase local marketing impact.
  • Most application responses are received within seconds of submission reducing wait times.
  • An enhanced dealer performance management process that means we’re constantly looking for opportunities to improve our relationship.

“SC has represented financial strength and stability, having provided sound programs and unsurpassed support to our dealer associates for more than a decade,” said one sales executive. “That means you can count on SC to be working hard for your success wherever the economy goes.”

Now, it’s easy to claim “strength and stability,” but quite another thing to have numbers to back it up. Here are some numbers that show SC has what it takes to help most dealerships succeed:

  • Top-5 used-car lender in the U.S. with $49 billion managed portfolio.
  • More than $20 billion in annual originations the last two years and higher expectations for 2018.
  • 12,000-plus active dealers served by a nationwide team of Dealer Relationship Managers.
  • 82 percent application-approval rate nationwide with high closure and competitive backend.
  • 79 percent lower fees on average per contract than in 2008.

“A lot of banks look for reasons to not make deals, SC looks for reasons to make deals,” said one dealer.

“It’s amazing when you write all this stuff down and you see where we’ve been and where we’re going,” said Vince Meglio, senior vice president of sales and sales operations at SC.

If you would rather hear these and other details in person, contact your Dealer Relationship Manager or contact our sales department by filling out and submitting a form online.

Brown Daub Kia

3600 William Penn Highway, Easton, PA

Rob Lakey, left, and Kyle Arcury, sales managers, with Matthew Dancsecs at Brown Daub Kia.

Rob Lakey, left, and Kyle Arcury, sales managers, with Matthew Dancsecs at Brown Daub Kia.


Dealer principal:  Tom Daub

General manager: Gary Lee Eckley

Brand represented: Kia

How long in business: 20+ years

Number of employees: 50+

Annual unit volume (approximate): 1,940

SC Dealer Relationship Manager: William (Bill) Smith

What makes Brown Daub Kia special:

We are a family-oriented dealership. We offer a unique experience for our guests to be treated like “family.” Guests are given a visitor guide upon arrival to help determine which options work best for their needs and credit situation. Gary Lee Eckley has worked for years to establish himself as “That Family Guy,” which is promoted on various news media and social media outlets.

SpotOnGIF_600px (1)

DRM comment on what makes this dealership so special:

The staff at Brown Daub Kia is truly a team after one goal – helping every customer that walks into their showroom. They are able to use our program to its fullest extent to ensure customer satisfaction and dealership profitability. What’s most impressive is their processes and paperwork: This store maintains a two-day turnaround in funding, on average, including through our busiest season. Brown Daub Kia is a valued dealer.

How long working with Santander Consumer USA: 15 years

What you like about doing business with Santander Consumer USA:  

Santander offers a unique platform to rehash deals. This is not only a huge time saver, but also helps in finding the right vehicle based on our customer’s needs, all while maximizing profit potential. We also like the flexible credit hours and the availability of the credit buyers and funders to help, not only to make sure we can put a deal together but to make sure the deal sails through the funding process.

Describe your experience with Santander Consumer USA:

We’ve had a lot of experience with customers who maybe had little to no credit. With the program offered by Santander, we’ve been able to open the door for many people who have not had success at other dealerships. We are happy and fortunate to have been partnered with Santander, and look forward to many continued years of this very successful relationship.

– Matthew Dancsecs, General Sales Manager

How your dealership can get more 5-star customer reviews online

Five-star reviews.

They’re not quite as rare as sunken treasure – but almost.

And with most shoppers spending much of their time online researching their next vehicle purchases, good reviews and bad can get around quickly.

Especially with websites such as DealerRater, CarGurus, and even Kelley Blue Book giving new- and used-vehicle shoppers the chance to provide reviews of their experiences.

Would you purchase a car at a dealership rated four stars if another close-by dealership rated five stars?

Road Ahead V1

“If shoppers like you, they’re going to tell their family and friends,” said DealerRater. “Customers want to talk about you when you do right by them.”

For example:

“Awesome experience! Would highly recommend to another customer looking to buy a new car without a high pressure sales experience,” wrote the customer of a Tulsa, OK, dealership.

That new-car customer gave the dealership five stars overall as well as for customer service, quality of work, friendliness and pricing, pretty much in line with its 4.9-star average rating from 1,139 reviews posted on DealerRater and 4.9 rating from 1,383 reviews on

So how do you try to ensure your dealership gets more five-star reviews?

053118 IL How your dealership can get more 5-star customer reviews online

DealerRater provides at least some of the answers in a report, What makes a five-star dealership review, which is based on an analysis of 1.4 million reviews of dealerships and salespeople that customers wrote last year on and

“We discovered some compelling reasons why customers love dealerships – and we identified the main reasons why customers complain about their experiences,” said DealerRater in the report introduction.

Here are the top five reasons DealerRater said customers leave five-star reviews:

  1. The dealership provides a consistently great experience on the lot and in the service lane.

“Customers call out a great buying experience as the second-most important attribute contributing to a five-star review. But great service overall, including an excellent service department, constitutes the most important factor … influencing positive dealership reviews.”

  1. The dealership’s entire staff acts like customer service professionals.

Positive customer reviews single out people, “especially for being friendly, knowledgeable and helpful … [while] providing a stress-free experience goes a long way.”

  1. The process is painless with speed and ease of service throughout the purchase experience.

“Speed and ease of service are essential … Once customers are at the buying stage on the lot, they’re eager to act. They don’t want to wait around completing paperwork.”

  1. Customers feel like they’re getting a deal – but not necessarily the lowest price.

“Price is definitely a topic [about] which shoppers typically have questions and uncertainty. Taking time to explain a price and why it’s the best deal possible for a shopper … will make the difference.”

  1. Dealerships offer hands-on experiences with vehicles.

“When you offer test drives, you look good … The decision to buy a car may come down to two people shaking hands on a lot, but experiencing the vehicle creates the all-important emotional connection.”

The bottom line, according to the DealerRater report, is that “getting a great customer review comes down to acting like a customer service representative.”

So now that you know about the factors that influence customer reviews, DealerRater suggests, “You can step up your game by treating customer reviews as a process that you manage all year round … Reviews are not a necessary evil. They’re the source of differentiation.”

Working on these areas may make a difference in your reviews and your business.

Why dealers must keep compliance ‘near top of to-do list’

Regulatory compliance for dealers and lenders won’t be going away.

Whatever limits have been imposed on the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), there are sound business reasons to maintain the discipline it brings to automotive sales.

Regulatory compliance still “should be near the top of every dealers’ to-do list,” suggested a report in Auto Remarketing after Congressional approval of legislation overturning the CFPB’s 2013 “guidance” on indirect auto financing that increased oversight of lenders and dealers.

052918 IL Why dealers must keep compliance ‘near top of to-do list’

“If you think changes at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will give dealers a little breathing room, take a deep breath,” the report said. “Then consider this: States are stepping up their scrutiny.”

Santander Consumer USA (SC), one of the nation’s largest non-prime lenders, has cited “a push at all levels of government to regulate auto lenders and dealers more closely.”

Beyond that, SC’s Enterprise Fraud and Dealer Management unit suggests that continued attention to regulatory compliance issues can result in important dealer benefits, including:

  • Improvement in overall customer experience and loyalty
  • Reduction in consumer harm and reputational risk
  • Reduction in credit stipulations
  • Reduction in funding delays to dealerships
  • Reduction in post-funding disputes and potential unwinds

Because “the number of identity theft, fraud and elder-abuse complaints reported to consumer agencies has increased significantly,” SC suggested, failure to remain vigilant can result in increased overhead costs, higher prices to consumers, lower sales volume and lower profits and growth.

“One area of increasing concern has been ancillary products,” reported Auto Finance News (AFN).

“There has been an incremental compression in rate participation margins … and dealers are trying to make up that income in other areas [such as] ancillary products,” Kenneth Rojc, managing partner of the automotive finance group at Nisen & Elliott, told AFN.

Rojc told AFN that “regulators will be more keen on pursuing deceptive practices during the financing process, especially disclosures of service contracts and guaranteed asset protection policies.”

While regulatory compliance presents challenges, “it should not be viewed as an obstacle, but rather an opportunity,” said Michael Sanders, vice president of Enterprise Fraud Management at SC.

“When practiced effectively, regulatory compliance assists in preventing fraud, stopping deceptive practices, and protecting customers,” Sanders observed.

“By embracing a standard of regulatory compliance, we demonstrate our commitment to doing the right thing for our customers,” Sanders said. “This commitment can be a differentiator that sets our company apart from the competition, and builds consumer confidence in the industry as a whole.”

If you have questions or are uncertain how to improve your compliance systems and processes, contact your SC Dealership Relationship Manager, who can guide you to the appropriate resource.

How your customers can uncomplicate monthly payments with MyAccount


Often it’s easier said than done.

But, fortunately, that’s not true anymore when it involves customers making their monthly car payments to Santander Consumer USA (SC).

Our redesigned MyAccount will take customers’ car-payment experience to a new level, including easier navigation, seamless payment options and an enhanced mobile experience.

“Making it easier for our customers to make payments was our priority in redesigning MyAccount,” said Randy Bockenstedt, SC executive vice president of servicing strategy. “Our customers have too many other things going on in their lives to worry about making their car payments.”

IL-BLOG_80423-0 (05XX18 IL How your customers can uncomplicate monthly payments with MyAccount)_WP_1440x962 (2)


“The website redesign will simplify and significantly enhance the customer experience,” said Wayne Nightengale, SC’s executive vice president of servicing.

“These changes will empower customers to maintain their accounts at a time and in a way that is most convenient for them,” Nightengale said, “providing multiple safe, secure and seamless options to make their monthly payments – and strengthening our brand.”

The upgrade should be apparent from the first time customers log in to and use the new MyAccount.

Easy-to-read dashboard

Customers can get an Account Summary, including Amount Due, Next Payment Due date, Account Balance, Account Maturity date and more on their easy-to-read dashboard.

  • Customers want a Payoff Quote? No problem. They just click on the link on their dashboard.
  • Need to reset a password? Quicker and un-complicated.
  • Transaction History? At customers’ fingertips.
  • Past Statements? Ditto.

If they want to Make a Payment, options are easy through a secure, integrated payment experience. All in one location – like an online marketplace – that’s easy to find and to navigate.

Multiple payment options

And there are payment options to fit customers’ needs.

Pay with checking or savings, use a debit card, pay by text with a checking or savings account. Customers also can pay by phone, mail, Western Union, MoneyGram, CheckFree Pay and PayNearMe.

“One of the things we wanted to improve was our payment experience, and we did,” said Patrick Daly, vice president of digital strategy for Santander Consumer. “Now, online payments are fully integrated into MyAccount, [making] the process more efficient, secure, and easier.”

“Providing a safe and secure mechanism to seamlessly process payments and allow account maintenance strengthens our brand, improves customer loyalty, and enhances our customer interactions,” said Nightengale.

Forgotten password?

Completing the picture, Feedback, Contact Us and FAQs are easy to locate in the simplified navigation bar and to use, and we’ve created a quicker password reset process.

“All of us forget our passwords, resetting them should not be hard,” said Bockenstedt.

Combined, the changes add up to SC’s strengthened commitment to ensuring customers the best possible user experience on the website, which also has been redesigned and was relaunched recently.

“The website redesign reinforces our corporate values of Simple, Personal and Fair,” said Bockenstedt, “simplifying the way in which our customers can manage their accounts online and make payments.”

“We’ve been excited to redesign the site,” said Daly. “It needed a facelift to meet our standards.”

AutoNation Toyota of Winter Park

225 N. Semoran Blvd.
Winter Park, FL

Dealer principal: Jim Bander

General manager: Nick Oliver

Brands represented: Toyota, Scion

How long in business: Since 2003

Number of employees: 230

Annual unit volume (approximate): 7,400

SC Dealer Relationship Manager: Jeremy Gates

SpotOnGIF_600px (1)

What makes AutoNation Toyota special:

The culture of my store makes it special. Everyone here contributes to the success of the store from the top to the bottom. We take pride in treating our employees right and taking care of them, because we know they will do the same for our customers.

DRM comment on what makes dealership special:

Everyone at this store is welcoming. They address any issues head on and seek a fair and timely resolution. Everyone is always willing to help in any situation, and has a positive vibe to go along with it.

052218 IL Autonation Toyota of Winter Park_Chafik Amrani

Chafik Amrani, AutoNation Toyota

How long working with Santander Consumer USA:

Since the beginning.

What do you like about doing business with Santander Consumer USA?

I really like the flexibility and ease of use of the Extranet. This allows us to make quick decisions and make the buying process easier for our customers. The quick response to submitting an application is also something we like and appreciate. I also like the people I work with at Santander Consumer USA. Everyone is friendly and willing to assist me with any problems that may arise.

One best practice that contributes to your dealership’s success:

We stay on top of any issue or problem from the get go. This practice keeps everyone happy and informed. We also do a lot of training to keep our employees educated on our products and to keep everyone fresh.

Describe your experience with Santander Consumer USA:

We are a store that does 740 cars a month. Our experience with Santander is a positive one with Santander being one of our most-used lenders, certainly No. 1 in subprime loans. I can see our business growing with the new signing of Santander as a preferred lender for AutoNation.

– Chafik Amrani, General Sales Manager

Are you committed to making the most of your sales opportunities?


It’s what you demonstrate every day at the dealership, whether it’s in your showroom, F&I, service area, the back office or any of the thousand-and-one other aspects of your business.

Because success is all about the commitment you make to taking care of details – and your customers. Far be it from you to miss something that might mean more sales and thousands of dollars in revenue.

Or is that exactly what you’re doing every day?

Road Ahead V1

It is if you’re not exploring all options for financing your customer’s vehicle purchase.

But far be it from Santander Consumer USA (SC) to suggest you give us higher consideration as a preferred, reliable (and valuable) lender for your dealership if we couldn’t back it up.

“I have had the pleasure of dealing with Santander since Teddy Nissan opened the doors,” wrote Julio Batista, general manager of the Bronx, NY, dealership, which began operating nearly a decade ago. “Santander has been a valued partner helping Teddy Nissan grow into one of the most successful Nissan dealerships in the United States.”

Helping your business

There are several reasons SC makes a good partner for dealers such as Teddy Nissan – many of which will be featured in upcoming installments of The Road Ahead in our dealer emails.

But two especially important reasons were highlighted by another dealership sales executive.

“We like the ability to do loans for the full credit spectrum,” wrote Kyle Bacon, general sales manager of Sport Chevrolet in Silver Spring, MD. “[And] the Extranet makes working deals so much faster and more efficient than having to call buyers at other banks. The Extranet also provides the ability to get deals funded faster by uploading any additional information or stips quickly and easily.”

Full-spectrum financing

That’s right, SC isn’t just for subprime deals anymore.

“We are happy and comfortable working with Santander Consumer USA from an approval on almost any customer out there to an easy funding process and access to our rep with the click of a button,” wrote Dave Ivnitsky, finance manager of Kings Nissan in Brooklyn, NY.

“I’ve been taking advantage of Santander Consumer USA’s programs for several years now,” wrote Jack Geier, special finance director for Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford in Lewisville, TX. “I believe SC is a [lender] that I can trust. I’ve watched other lenders come and go, sometimes leaving dealers with contracts hanging, while Santander has remained strong.”

Sweating out the details

Of course, as detail-oriented as you are about your business, SC expects you to have questions. And that’s where our professional, knowledgeable Dealer Relationship Managers come in.

From questions about SC programs to help with your deals, DRMs are part of your SC advantage.

“Our DRM is a great asset,” said Howard Forman, finance director at Sands Chevrolet of Surprise, AZ, “because he has the ability to help us solve some of the more complicated issues that arise – helps to problem-solve and escalate issues to the appropriate party for quick resolution.”

Chances are you won’t have to go looking for your DRM – the DRM probably will find you. But if you don’t hear from us soon, you may contact SC online for quick attention.

How’s that for commitment to your business.

Bringing the heat: Three months that could help your 2018 results shine

Are you ready?

June, July and August typically are three hot months for car sales.

And we’re not just talking temperatures.

Road Ahead V1


Over the last three years of strong sales, June, July and August failed only once to land among the top six sales months of the year.

And three of the last nine years August has been either the best or second-best month of the year. Only December (6), March (5) and May (3) have equaled or surpassed that performance, based on statistics from the U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis.

If you include Memorial Day and Labor Day holiday weekends in the mix with the July Fourth holiday, the significance of the summer sales season is even clearer.

So, what can you do to make sure you’re ready?

Our upcoming email series, The Road Ahead, will look at the ways in which Santander Consumer USA’s commitment to its dealers can make the difference between a warm and a hot summer.

Along the way, we’ll show you a lender that is:

  • Committed to helping your dealership succeed this summer and beyond.
  • Confident that our updated program will enable you to make more money.
  • Compelled to do what is best for our dealer-partners’ businesses.
  • Commended by dealerships who already work with us – some of them for many years.

Sales during the first four months of this year were second only to the record-setting year 2016, and dealer optimism is high right now based on a recent Cox Automotive dealer survey.

So now is not the time to leave money on the table by limiting your customer-financing options.

Chances are you won’t have to look very hard for an SC Dealer Relationship Manager (formerly Area Sales Manager). But if you don’t hear from us soon, you may contact SC online for quick attention.

Summer only lasts three months.

Teddy Nissan

3660 Boston Road

Bronx, NY

Dealer principal: Ted Bessen

General manager: Julio Batista

Brands represented: Nissan

How long in business: Nine years

Number of employees: 105

Annual unit volume (approximate): 2,400 new and 1,400 used

SC Dealer Relationship Manager: Stephen Rivelli

SpotOnGIF_600px (1)

What makes Teddy Nissan special:

Our core values of being positive, friendly, helpful, respectful, professional, enthusiastic and treating our customers as if they are guests in our home. We continually strive to provide every customer with the best customer experience ever.

DRM Stephen Rivelli’s comment on what makes dealership special:

I have been working closely with Julio and his team for the past five years. During that time I have seen his finance managers really embrace our Dealer Extranet. This is a very busy dealership and they find many uses for the Extranet.

One special event the dealership runs every few months is a “midnight madness sale.” Of course, we do not have buyers actively working at those hours, but that does not stop the dealership from rehashing deals and delivering cars.

The finance team there also will use the rehash tool on deals that they might not have been able to put together during the day by going into the Extranet after hours and reworking applications with different units. They will capture a few deals a month by doing this.

They also are big fans of uploading docs to satisfy open stips on deals in funding through our Funding tab, also located on the Extranet. They are able to fund their deals much faster than relying on faxing and emailing stips to our funding department.

How long working with Santander Consumer USA:

Nine years.

What you like about doing business with Santander Consumer USA:

Ease of use. Programs complement our dealership. Professional and helpful demeanor. Extranet availability and usage. Timely funding.

One best practice that contributes to your dealership’s success:

Providing best-in-class service and exceeding customer’s expectations.

Describe your experience with Santander Consumer USA:

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Santander since Teddy Nissan opened the doors. Santander has been a valued partner helping Teddy Nissan grow into one of the most successful Nissan dealerships in the United States, number seven in the nation for January 2018. We owe part of that success to Santander.

Teddy Nissan is able to offer the best customer experience due to Santander Extranet. This technological marvel allows the Teddy Nissan finance department to work deals obtaining instant decisions, also giving us the ability to restructure deals during and after business hours to find the best option for our clients. Teddy Nissan would not be able to offer the best customer experience without Santander as our partner.

– Julio Batista, General Manager

Julio Batista is general manager at Teddy Nissan.

Julio Batista is general manager at Teddy Nissan.